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Rumblings Of Mutiny

Jeff asks Rupert how he thinks things are going, and Rupert gravely says that "it's getting harder and harder to live together." He goes on patronizingly to say that everyone in the tribe could do better -- including himself. I would have loved it if Jeff had asked him how he thought he could do better, because I guarantee you that he would not have been able to come up with anything at all, unless it was one of those pieces of job-interview bullshit where you say that your worst quality is your perfectionism and overly slavish devotion to your work. Rupert does not for one minute believe he could do anything better than he already does. He wears that attitude like a crown, and calling him out would have been the really ballsy play for Jeff. It's okay, though -- Jeff's been doing so well that I can forgive one minor oversight.

Jeff asks Burton about his situation. He was out, now he's back -- what's that like? Burton explains that he feels more bonded to Drake than ever. Awww! And also, hee hee. Jeff reminds them all that the voting now has the added complication that everyone voted off now will later be on the jury, so you have to worry about how they'll react if they come back to judge you at the end. Finally, Jeff sends them off to vote.

Sandra votes. Christa votes. Rupert votes for Ryan-O. "I'm sorry we weren't on the same team," he says. "I know you would have been good with me; I would trade you for a bunch of my guys." Darrah votes. Jon votes. Ryan-O votes for Christa -- or, actually, according to his paper, "Krista." "Hey, Christa," he says. "I didn't like you before. I don't like you now. You're just plain and simply a bitch." On one hand, I do think she's kind of a bitch. On the other hand, I largely agree with the Eagle-Eyed Forum Poster's husband who watched that comment and explained it thusly: "He wanted to fuck her." Tijuana votes. Burton votes. Lill votes.

Jeff goes off to tally, and when he returns, it's time for the inevitable boot. Ryan-O gets every vote but his own, and it's time for him to go. Snuff! Bye, Ryan-O. I enjoyed your, um, shorts. And their shortcomings. Over the credits, we see that Ryan-O was voted out even by Tijuana and Darrah, so...there you go. There was no love for the Ryan-O.

Next week: Burton, Lill, Tijuana, Darrah, and Jon cement their Rupert-upending alliance. Lill does something she regrets, perhaps revealing the "big lie" Probst has been hinting at all season. It's about time. It will save oodles of forum traffic.

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