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Rumblings Of Mutiny

Back at camp, Christa and Sandra are enjoying a relaxing hair-washing out in the water where, at the moment, Sandra is applying conditioner to Christa's tresses. They're apparently looking ahead a couple of rounds, Sandra quietly speculating that she, Christa, and Lill could take out Rupert and Burton -- presumably when it's down to the five Drakes. Christa opines that they may need to go after the guys sooner, considering how strong they are and how limited the opportunities to boot them may be. She also wants to get rid of Burton before Rupert, because she sees Burton as "definitely" stronger than Rupert. Sandra presents the option of going after Burton now, and planning ultimately to keep Tijuana and Darrah a little longer, aiming for a final five made up of the women who remain. Christa is intrigued by this option. Sandra interviews that she and Christa feel vulnerable, because Rupert and Burton are the fish-catchers, so they want to start thinking about how to live without the protein. Good God, it's only, like, two weeks at this point. You won't starve eating rice and beans and coconut for two weeks. This whole thing is just ass, and not just because it's sexist bullshit, although it is, but because it's specifically bullshit. Christa and Sandra are just lame. I don't care what anybody says about the spear being difficult to pull back; if they had taken the initiative to spend time learning to fish while they were there, they'd be able to do it by now. They have this problem because they've sat on their asses and let themselves be fed, not because fishing is too hard. Tijuana interviews that she often hears Christa and Sandra talking about how they have to learn to live without fish in case one of the guys "gets hurt," so she's pretty sure they're considering getting rid of Burton and Rupert, despite the former Drakes' efforts to look united.

At the Breakfast of Non-Champions, Burton tells Lill that he likes her, that she and he are in this together till the end, and that she has his word on that. His plan, it sounds like, is for her, himself, and Jon to be in the top three. As gross as it is to imagine Jon in the top three, it's probably a fairly good idea. I think Burton reads very well the fact that none of the rest of the jury will want to vote for an Outcast, so if Lill and Burton want a chance to win, it will be very important to take the most unlikable person possible into the finals with them. Furthermore, Jon's not much of a threat to win late immunity challenges. Lill asks Burton to "hand-feed" her the strategy as they go. Ew. Burton gives her his word -- literally, Scout's honor -- that he'll be true to her. They have a chat about what they'll say about the breakfast later when people ask, and Burton -- very aware of what the other people think of Lill and what they'll believe -- warns her that he's going to say she prattled on about Scouts and bored the crap out of him. Heh. She implores him not make her look like a bitch, just as "some dumb broad." Double heh. Burton swears he'd never make Lill look like a bitch. Just, um, some dumb broad, apparently. Triple heh.

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