Shot Into Smithereens

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Justice is Served
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The tribe returns from voting out Penner. Abi interviews that she knows now that Malcolm, Denise, Lisa and Skupin have a four-person alliance, so either she or Carter is going next and she also knows that they all like Carter and have issues with her for being "too honest." First of all, she should have figured out those two facts about six days ago; and second of all, it's interesting that with all the complaints they made against Abi, being "too honest" is what she took away since it's the least objectionable thing they said. Anyway, Abi approaches Carter to find out how he feels about being on the outside of the power alliance and Carter doesn't seem to want to talk about it; he points out that -- if she has an Immunity Idol like she claims -- she shouldn't be worried. Abi says she does have an Idol and interviews that she has to keep up this charade, because it's all she has left. This just shows how terrible she is at strategy; she actually has a really strong position. She should go up to Malcolm and Denise and argue that they should take her instead of Lisa and Skupin, because they can beat her in the finals and they might not be able to beat Lisa and Skupin in a jury vote. That's a much stronger argument than, "I have a secret and possibly fictional Idol."

Malcolm checks in with Lisa, who says she's feeling dizzy and confused after Tribal. Malcolm points out that was Penner's intent; he wanted to make Lisa doubt herself and her decisions. Lisa interviews that she thinks Malcolm is playing a brilliant game and she knows that going to the end with Malcolm and Denise isn't her best move, but she also feels that betraying their trust goes against who she is as a person.

After the credits, we hop right into the Reward Challenge. Probst doesn't waste any time before announcing that they will be competing in this challenge with a loved one. Everyone starts crying and freaking out. Probst brings out Skupin's son first and Skupin loses it, hugging him and crying, "Let me see you! Let me see you! My number one!" I'm hoping he means that this is his firstborn, and not his favorite child. Skupin says that his son is the best human being he knows and he's encouraged Skupin to return to the show for twelve years. Next, Carter gets to hug his mom, who is very young and fit looking. Also, either Carter is a giant or she is a miniature person and I never thought of Carter as super tall. Denise is reunited with her "man" (husband? Boyfriend?), and she climbs him like a monkey. Aw, they really love each other (and he calls her a "tight, tiny little package" so I'm guessing their sex life is good too... and well, she is a sex therapist) and he just carries her around like a child.

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