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Justice is Served

Lisa and Justice go for a swim and some game talk. Lisa fills him in on her current alliance and how she doesn't want Malcolm to go to the final three because he'll probably win. She tells Justice about her attempted blindside of Malcolm and finding Malcolm's Idol. Lisa admits that she's made mistakes and she's finding it difficult to "play the game" by being disloyal and lying, even though she felt strongly about her ability to play the game in the beginning.

Lisa and Justice meet up with Skupin and Junior on the beach. Skupin explains that Malcolm has an Idol, but he can only play it at the next two Tribal Councils and since they have two non-alliance members left, he probably won't play it. Justice suggests that they blindside Malcolm, and Skupin says that he knows Carter would join him and Lisa to do that. Lisa isn't so sure, since her last attempt at a blindside went so horribly wrong. Lisa interviews that she's still having a hard time separating her real-world self and actions from game self and actions. In other words, if she lies and betrays in the game, does that make her a bad person in the real world? It's a question many have struggled with, but most people seem able to lie and betray until they are lied to and betrayed and then they get bitter.

Justice sits down with Lisa and asks her to explain why it doesn't make sense to take out Malcolm now, since they could. Lisa says she gave Malcolm her word and she doesn't want to go against her values to go back on her word. Justice points out that, after Lisa tried to oust Malcolm before, Malcolm understood it was a game and forgave her, so he understands that this is a game and respects gameplay. Lisa interviews that Justice knows who she is and having him basically give her permission to play the game how she needs to was extremely helpful.

Skupin and Junior join Lisa and Justice to watch the sunset. Lisa says that Justice has given her fresh perspective and told her to blindside Malcolm, and Skupin says he's all in. Lisa interviews that she's playing the game by the rules of the game and hopefully she will win. They don't discuss what they're going to do if Malcolm wins immunity, at least that we see.

The next morning, Lisa and Justice and Skupin and Junior have a prayer circle and they ask for God's will to be done in the game, whatever that may be. I like that Lisa is like, "I don't know what you want God, because I can't and I'm just going to trust in you." It doesn't really fit in with my understanding of God, but I like it a lot better than, "God, please help me win." The non-prayers are making breakfast and Malcolm mutters that he didn't think about the fact that Lisa and Skupin and their loved ones would bond over Jesus. Abi points out that they need to worry about winning Immunity now. Well, Malcolm doesn't since he has an Idol. Malcolm interviews that Lisa was at rock-bottom emotionally and now he's worried that her brother snapped her back to her senses and got her thinking about who she should take to the finals, because the answer is going to be "Not Malcolm."

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