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Justice is Served

Malcolm's like, "WELLLLPPP" and gets up to leave. He interviews that everyone has wanted to get rid of Abi from day one and he compares her to a Dementor from Harry Potter. Aw, Malcolm's a bit of a nerd. I love that. Carter tells Lisa that he's sorry Abi was so awful to her and Lisa says she's just done with Abi now, and Abi can glare at her all she wants. Carter interviews that he doesn't know if Abi's problem is cultural and then Denise interviews that it's not cultural, because Abi is just an awful person to be around and that's her personality.

Meanwhile, Abi grabs her bag and then heads into the jungle to pretend she's retrieving her Hidden Immunity Idol. I don't know why she's pretending to keep it hidden. Wouldn't she just put it in her bag? It's not like it's a secret that she "has" one. She goes REALLY far into the jungle too and she retrieves something. It kind of looks like her original clue, but she ripped that up so who knows what it is. Abi interviews that if you tell a lie long enough, everyone believes it. That's not true at all, ironically. But it explains a lot about who Abi chooses to be. Malcolm interviews that they all think Abi's Idol threat is a joke, but they have to consider it when determining their vote. Malcolm concludes that he's considering making a terrible strategic decision to get rid of Abi because she's a bitch. I normally hate when women are called bitches, but honestly? Abi totally is a bitch.

Tribal Council. Probst asks Malcolm if he felt safe even without winning immunity and Malcolm says that he trusts his alliance, but he's glad to have immunity just the same. After a recap of who's in the final four alliance, Probst realizes that Abi and Carter are on the outs and asks Carter how that feels. Carter brings up how everyone has talked a good game about keeping good people around and getting rid of bad people, and he thinks he's one of the good people and deserves a chance to fight another day. Skupin says that he clicks with Carter and even considering voting him out is almost like voting off his own child. Probst asks if Lisa would rather sit next to someone she likes or someone she can beat and Lisa answers honestly that she'd rather sit next to someone she can beat. She knows that doesn't sound noble, but she also believes in keeping it simple. Carter is none too happy with that response.

Probst asks Abi if she's surprised to hear that she might not be voted out tonight. Abi just starts yammering about her Idol again. Denise says that no one has seen this Idol (she doesn't say "so-called Idol" but she might as well) and Malcolm points out that when Abi had an Idol before, she used it as leverage and she hasn't done that this time. Abi babbles some nonsense about how she has to protect herself.

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