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One Decade Older, If Not Wiser

We cut immediately to the roaring fire at Camp Villain, so suck on that, Colby! Danielle reads the treemail for the upcoming immunity challenge and Douche interviews that despite their reward challenge loss, the Villains are ready to kick some hero ass. Both tribes arrive at the beach for the challenge. Probst asks J.T. of the Heroes if they were able to start a fire, because obviously no woman on the Heroes tribe would be able to answer that question. J.T. says they did and camplife has been generally good. Probst asks Tom about the food situation, and he says they caught and ate some chickens. Probst then asks Rob (again, not a woman. Probst just doesn't want to talk to women this season, apparently) about Camp Villain, and he wisely keeps quiet about their fire, saying they have a terrible shelter. "It's not that bad," Douche says. "It's bad. It's really bad," Parvati says immediately. Probst chalks Douche's opinion of the shelter up to his ability to "endure anything" (that doesn't involve hard work or effort and has a camera nearby), then gets to the challenge before another woman dares to speak out of turn. The tribes will split into two groups of six and four players, with the 6-man group assembling a boat and keeping it together with planks that fit into pegs on the boat pieces. They will then row the boat out to sea, grab and light a torch, and row back to the beach. Once there, they remove all the planks from the boat and hand them off to the 4-man team, who must solve a puzzle and stick it into the slot on a ramp, which they'll also have to build a ladder on using the boat planks. The first tribe to get all of its members to the top of the ramp with the torch and light a "fire barrel" wins immunity. This is another recycled challenge, this time from the Cook Islands season. Probst reveals the immunity idol the winning tribe will receive to great musical fanfare, even though Probst is the only person in the world who actually cares what the immunity idol looks like.

The tribes split up, with Parvati, Courtney, Douche, Tyson, Danielle, and Li'l Russell on the boat for the Villains and James, Tom, Candice, Colby, Stephenie, and J.T. for the Heroes. They race to their boat pieces and planks and drag them into the water. Probst notes that James is carrying two boat pieces on his own, because Probst loves James. The Heroes gain a significant lead when they get their boat together before the Villains even have their planks in place. They've already got their lit torch and are heading back by the time the Villains set out. Probst is happy to see them on the water, though, as he finally gets to make fun of Douche's kayaking experience and sarcastically claim it should help his tribe in this challenge. The Heroes get their boat back to shore and hand their planks to the puzzle team, who get to work. On one hand, the puzzle team has Cirie on it, and she's smart. On the other, it also has Amanda, Sugar, and Rupert, who are all stupid. They haven't gotten very far into it by the time that Villains get started on theirs. Rob and Sandra take over on the puzzle and make quick work of it, while the Heroes struggle with theirs. The Villains complete their puzzle and work on the ladder. The Heroes aren't even close and just give up when they see the Villain tribe climbing up their ramp. So they can sit back and watch the Villains win.

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