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One Decade Older, If Not Wiser

Probst hands the Villains the immunity idol and some flint. Sugar bursts into tears. I do too, as I just realized that the Villain tribe's win means that Li'l Russell will be on this show for at least one more episode. Probst points out Sugar's tears to everyone, then sends the tribes away. During the slow motion walk of shame, Colby interviews that Sugar is having an "emotional breakdown" this early in the game, and so probably isn't fit to continue in the game. Okay, while I think that Sugar is lame for crying, she didn't have an "emotional breakdown." Come on.

The Villains return to camp feeling very triumphant. The talk soon turns to who the Heroes will be sending home. Sandra thinks Tom and Stephenie are aligned, as are James, Cirie, and Amanda from their last season together. "And what's the other one?" she asks, by which I'm pretty sure she's referring to Parvati. Parvati, meanwhile, chops something and says she has no idea if Amanda and Cirie are working together or not. Which is bullshit, since I'm sure they all talked about this and came to an agreement before the show began filming. Li'l Russell gets yet another interview, talking about how the Villains are enjoying life right now while the Heroes are not. With that, he makes a see-saw and plays on it with Douche. No, really.

And now let's see how the Heroes are doing in their defeat. Rupert interviews that "nobody in a million years would've guessed we were goin' to Tribal Council on Day 3." Really? No one? Because as soon as I saw your dumb ass at the puzzle, I had an inkling. Rupert says his tribe has now learned that they aren't perfect and are capable of failure. Isn't someone else on that tribe capable of narrating the day's events, though? He gets together with J.T., Cirie, and Sugar, who suggests voting Amanda out tonight. Way to do that right in front of Amanda's probably alliancemate, Sugar. She then cries in an interview about how she was disappointed in herself for being a part of the puzzle team that lost the challenge for her tribe as well as scared that she'd be going home first. J.T. goes to Colby to tell him that Sugar wants Amanda out. Of course, Colby does not agree. With visions of a good night's sleep dancing through his head, he agrees with J.T. that Sugar should go out first. Various other tribemates agree on this point until Colby talks to Tom, who points out that Sugar is useful to them as a "follower," while Cirie is "one of the smartest strategic players in the game" and it'd be a wiser move to get rid of her first. Yes, it would. Which is why they won't do it. Tom interviews that on his season, his tribe waited too long to get rid of the biggest threat to win the game -- Tom himself. Thus, he won and they lost. He doesn't want to be on the other side of that.

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