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One Decade Older, If Not Wiser

Probst asks Tom if tonight's vote is about the short-term game or the long-term one. Tom apparently speaks for his entire tribe as he says that they're focused on being the strongest tribe possible and not the endgame yet. Probst asks Candice if she's looking to "change things up" in terms of her tribemates and their previous relationships. "Yes ... or no," she says. Because she, unlike some people in her tribe, doesn't want to look stupid by making a confident pronouncement at Tribal Council. With that, she's the first to vote. The rest of the voting is uneventful except for when Sugar goes to vote and finds herself stumped as to which end has the pen cap on it. Hmm ... this might be part of the reason why the Heroes did such a bad job on that puzzle.

Probst reads the votes: four for Sugar, one for Amanda, and the rest are for Sugar. Ah, well. She already had her awesome moment anyway. No one's going to top her flipping the bird with both hands while topless. Although Rob is going to try next week, when he apparently dies.

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