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One Decade Older, If Not Wiser

Day 2 at Camp Heroes. Is Colby wearing a prison uniform? J.T. and James go off and agree to an alliance of physical threats, and J.T. says he doesn't want women to beat them. Oh. Shut up, J.T. Didn't you used to be likable? But now you kind of suck. He then interviews that while he's promising James a final two alliance, he knows he'd never beat him in votes and will thus get rid of him before that point. Over in the bushes, Colby talks to Candice about his concerns about other players teaming up because they know each other from previous seasons. Meanwhile, he apparently hasn't watched this show since Season 2, so he has no idea who any of these people even are. Way to study your competition, Colby. Amanda and Cirie go off together as well. "We're back again," Amanda says. "I know. What do you think?" Cirie asks. "I don't know yet. What do you think?" Amanda asks. "I don't know," Cirie says. Well, that was fascinating. Amanda points out that she's played this game with James and Cirie before, so they've got a nice three-way alliance on their tribe if they want it. And Amanda has played this game with James twice before. That doesn't really seem fair to everyone else, but whatever. The producers clearly want James and Amanda to have every possible advantage. Amanda claims that this could also put a target on their backs, because their tribemates will be looking to get rid of them if they think they're aligned. Tom and Stephenie also go off together. Tom greets Stephenie with a big hug as if this is the first chance he's gotten to talk to her even though it's Day 2. Tom and Stephenie act like they're great good friends, even though they were on opposing tribes for most of their season until Stephenie got absorbed into Tom's tribe for like six days before they were able to vote her out. They talk about who to include in their alliance. Tom interviews that as much as he likes Stephenie and wants to work with her, she might not be the best choice to take to the Final Two. He says he needs to make a real Final Two alliance with someone who won the million. And that would be J.T., who has the similar idea that he has to go to the end with a fellow winner to have any chance of winning again. J.T. interviews that his tribemates expect him to be just a loyal and honest as he was in Toucanteens (even though he wasn't), but this is a totally different game. "You have to have a dark side somewhere. You have to be willing to sacrifice some of your integrity to make it far in this game," he says. Yes, thank you, J.T. That's why having a "Heroes" and a "Villains" tribe doesn't make sense. Also, I'll be interested to see what you can do without having Stephen around to do a lot of the thinking.

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