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Smense And Smensibility

Previously on Survivor, ambassadors from each tribe decided at which camp the tribes would live together. Live together. Got it? It's important later. Shii Devil liked Chuay Gahn's beach better, and conveniently Helen did, too, so Chuay Gahn it was, where Shii Devil began "workin' a deal" with the members of the opposite tribe to vote Penny out. Peachy gleefully revealed at the Immunity Challenge that he had chosen his words carefully (and after four seasons of saying the word "merge," he must have been at least a little scared he'd drop the "m" bomb) because the tribes were doing just that: living together. There'd been no actual merge, and the S10 would still compete as tribes for immunity. Chuay Gahn won, so potential Sook Jai traitor Shii Devil found herself "in the hot seat." After a valiant attempt to stick around, during which she called Penny "manipoolative," she was voted out anyway.

It's Night 21, and we see a full moon and trees. Ted tells the other members of Chuay Gahn that he's not going to sleep until Sook Jai returns from Tribal Council. Brian also wants to see "what's up" because they're "comin' back to [Chuay Gahn's] house --""-- after we spanked 'em," concludes Ted. He can't wait to ask the other tribe why they voted off their latest bootee, and eagerly awaits their answer. Clay is amazed by the tension in the other tribe, and the others agree. Brian -- who can't remember Shii Devil's name, calling her "Soo Yee" and "Sin Jun" instead -- says that Sook Jai wasn't thinking if they voted her out (whatever her name) because she's "more damage" than Erin. She's also "more drama," but he doesn't say that. Ted thinks Shii Devil's ejection will demonstrate an "emotional decision" on behalf of Sook Jai, which Brian thinks is a mistake.

We join Sook Jai as they stumble back from the challenge in the dark. Penny confides to us that she thought Shii Devil had succeeded in plotting against her, and that Penny had said her goodbyes. She whispers, "The joke's on her as far as I'm concerned. I'm still here and she's not." Penny is really quite gracious. If "gracious" means "an obnoxious sore winner." She tells us in an interview that she couldn't have been happier to hear that the challenge was tribe against tribe because she knew she was still safe with Sook Jai. Back within the Sook Jai huddle, Penny insists that they're still strong and need to stay true to each other because they may be competing against the other tribe in the future. She thanks them for keeping her around, but they seem fairly indifferent to her professions of gratitude and love. In an interview, Ken explains that Penny is doing damage control, and that he would, too, if he were in her position. She needs to undo the damage that's been done and move forward from there. I hope that by "forward," he means back home to Plano.

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