Sleeping With The Enemy

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Smense And Smensibility

All of a sudden there's this giant thumping commotion and Jan tears up while Clay laughs. It turns out, according to Jake, that the noise and motion is "just the last-minute muscle twitches of death." Which is a fabulous way to describe what Dawson's Creek is undergoing this season. The chicken continues to flop around as Jan voice-overs that she'd never before "participated in wringing a chicken's neck" so "holding the legs and watching it flap" was hard for her. She calls herself "tender-hearted" and determines that the killing of the chicken was ultimately okay since it had a purpose: to feed her. She concludes that it wasn't a senseless death, so she's okay with it. As Jake cleans up the recently departed Lucky, Jan scurries over to ask if she can keep the legs and head. He says "sure" without asking, which is a smart move on his part. Jan sobs as she digs another hole in her "little pet cemetery," and why in my mind do I hear that phrase to the tune of "Little Red Corvette"? Jan tells us that the cemetery started with the dead baby bat Oliver, to whom she obviously was so close it hurts her to say his real name. Two weeks ago, she called him Oscar. Jan's since added Lucky's head and feet to Oscar/Oliver's grave so "they could be friends." Jan tells us it's okay if we think she's crazy, but permission or not, I'd already reached that conclusion. Incidentally, her favorite foods, according to the CBS website, include steak and fried chicken, so I wonder what her back yard looks like at home. Jan didn't think her cemetery would be "so active" while she was in Thailand. She weaves a second cross as she voice-overs that the cemetery was just to say "thank you" to the dead animals. She tells Oscar/Oliver and Lucky, "Y'all look after each other." Even though it made her cry, Jan is happy that the two dead (one semi-eaten) things are now together.

Of course we move straight from Lucky's funeral to Lucky's feast. Helen is amazed, because there's more meat then she expected. We see that they've made some kind of Lucky noodle soup. Ted, who's not objecting so much now, exclaims, "Man, Lucky really tastes good!" They thank Lucky as they tear him apart with their teeth. Clay pecks Helen on the cheek leading her to boast, "I got a kiss from Clay Jordan! Oh my God, am I queen for a day?" Helen then decides to ruin Sook Jai's meal by pointing out that they're soon headed off to another Tribal Council; she worries whether they'll eat before or after the vote, and is sad that she can't share with the departing member Admiral John Tenning's mother-in-law's recipe for Spicy, Nutty Potato Slaw.

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