Sleeping With The Enemy

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Smense And Smensibility

We don't see anyone's vote, but we learn that this is one of the most difficult Tribal Councils so far for Jake -- it's up there with all the other "most difficult" ones. Whomever he's voting for has been a great tribemate and "companion." Erin votes and says, "I think you've worked it enough. It seems like it's beginning to wear on you."

The soundtrack singers sigh as Peachy returns from tallying the votes. The members of Sook Jai are holding hands with each other, but in a very convoluted manner. It's half hand-holding, half-Twister. The first vote is for Ken, followed by three votes for Erin. She becomes the eighth player voted out and the first member of the jury. Penny looks weepy and smirky at the same time. Erin grimaces as her torch gets snuffed, then wishes the others well. Ken apologizes as he hugs her. Erin's heart isn't into the hug from Penny, and Penny's vote really made no sense to me either -- I thought she'd bonded with Erin? Peachy preaches to the remaining three Sook Jai members that they're running out of numbers and time, but that they can't run out of hope. He says that anything is possible in this game, which is entirely true, what with the constant rule-changing and all.

Next time on Survivor, Helen gets pissed because someone has a new car and doesn't need the money. Hey! Maybe we'll find out if Clay has a matching gnomish wife. If so, they sure would make a nice salt and pepper shaker set.

Erin is pleased with the way she played the game; her biggest goal was to make the jury, and she did. Although she wasn't expecting to be voted out, she realizes that it's the game. She's leaving Thailand with a lot more than the "small bag and [herself]" she arrived with, but I think many, many people would agree that "two very large bags" would more appropriately describe what Erin brought with her and with which she leaves.

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