Sleeping With The Enemy

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Back at camp, Chuay Gahn can't believe how late Sook Jai is coming back from the Council. They cooked food for the returning tribe, which is more than they deserve. They all congratulate each other before Clay asks, "Who'd we lose?" When Sook Jai reveals that Shii Devil is gone, he responds, "I kinda figured." Maybe because she's not there? Ted asks why they chose Shii Devil, and Ken plainly answers that she "threatened" them. He says, "She seems to claim that you guys have a deal with her that if we got rid of her [sic], you guys were gonna pick us off one by one." Clay and Ted act amazed by this, but maybe because Ken so completely shitmouthed the explanation. Clay disbelievingly says, "She what? She what?" so Ken begins explaining it all over again, but we don't get a chance to hear whether he gets it right this time. Ted tells us in an interview that Sook Jai was correct in its accusation: Chuay Gahn, with Shii Devil's vote, would indeed have voted Penny off. Clay is still playing the dunce -- not that he has to work very hard at it -- by insisting that it's a "hell of a strategy." Jake points out that it backfired, and Clay responds that Shii Devil's claim was "kind of stupid to say." Brian tells us in an interview that although the other tribe knew what was going on with Shii Devil, they acted surprised. He and the other members of Chuay Gahn were all like "okay, uh huh, whatever." Clay points out that the tribes had a lot invested in the night's vote, and Ken agrees, but says it's the nature of the game. Clay narrates that they're not yet one tribe, and as far as he knows, they're "doin' what [they] did today again tomorrow and the next day and the next day." Ken responds that no matter what, they're all in the jury.

As the tribe settles down for the night, Brian voice-overs that whenever he looks at Sook Jai, he "see[s] enemy." He says he can put the rivalry aside "just all of a sudden -- great, one happy family. I love you guys. Hello!" There's a big difference between "I love you" and "hello." Well, maybe not to a porn star. Brian tells us he's feeling out the members of Sook Jai, and that they'll have to win his trust. He has some professional experience -- and I don't mean in the used-car business -- at "feeling out" other people. As the camera pans over the sleeping S9 -- including a creepily wide-eyed Clay -- Brian insists again that it's a weird feeling to be sleeping with the enemy. Sleeping with strangers for pay? No problem. But the enemy?

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