Sleeping With The Enemy

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Smense And Smensibility

On the morning of Day 22, Ted ponders the ocean while two monkeys converse nearby. I wish I could hear what they're saying; I'm sure I could understand it as well as I grasp a conversation between Clay and Jan. Penny smirkily approaches and asks if he's still talking to his family. He responds, "Every morning! Every morning, every morning! Every morning!" So I'm thinking Ted talks to his family...uh, every morning? Not that Penny gets the point. She asks, "Are you still doin' it?" She says she'll let him stay there until he's done, and Ted insists that it's okay for her to stop by any time. She would love to join his workout later, so he says he'll let her know when it's time. He then tries to scare her off with the threat of yoga, but she exclaims, "I'll do it with ya! No problem!" She struts off and the camera stays on Ted for about seven seconds before his eyes roll back in his head. Hee.

Thus follows the Penny Works It Unsuccessfully segment of this week's show. She's moved on to Clay, as she flirtily tells him she most misses waking up to her morning cup of coffee. Clay says he misses that "kick in the head," and it's too bad Robb's not around anymore, because I'm sure he'd be glad to help out with that. Ted tells us in an interview that Penny is "superbly, overly nice," and that it doesn't feel genuine. He says, "It feels fake," thus missing a chance to use the word "disingenuous" correctly. Penny moves on to Jan, and falsely thanks her for the previous night's fire and soup. She scrubs at some dirt at Jan's nose, but it won't come off -- that dead baby bat residue is some sticky stuff! Penny then -- despite the fact that they're standing two feet from the ocean -- spits on her finger and rubs some more. I guess she thinks shared saliva will more appropriately demonstrate their solidarity. In an interview, Jan tells us that Penny uses her sweetness and cuteness to her advantage. She adds, "And why not? It's part of her tools. It's part of the package."

As the some members of the S9 bathe, Clay wants to know whether he or Penny talks funnier. He says "like or laaaake" as an example. Jan laughs, but Penny is humorless about ither accent as she is about everything. She's glad not to have the worst southern accent among the group, and Clay snidely says, "Right." She says the real contest is between Clay and Jan, and the others hoot at the comment. It's now Clay's turn to join Jan and Ted in pointing out Penny's fakeness. He says she's a cute, sweet "little girl" who thinks she can use her looks and her "little talent" to get whatever she wants out of men. Erin pours water down the front of Penny's bathing suit and dabs at her chest for no apparent reason while Clay lecherously looks on. He tells us, "Well, I'm forty-six. She ain't getting' shit from this one." He says that every time Penny tries to kiss up to one of the Chuay Gahn men, they exchange a glance and think, "Yeah. There's a little bit more o' that butter that's not workin'." I think Clay's a bigger fan of Erin's "butter," if you know what I mean.

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