Sleeping With The Enemy

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It's now Day 22. As the women wash the dishes, Jan says, "Plate washers, let's go. Chop chop." If anyone ever directly referred to me as "plate washer," I wouldn't be very happy about it. Not that anyone ever would call me "plate washer" -- just ask my husband. Brian philosophizes to Jake that even after being in the wilderness, the girls still enjoy being "domesticated." Jake says he offered to do the dishes but was rebuffed. Brian says, "It kind of resorts back to, like, the good old days when the men just ate and the women did all the cookin' and cleanin'." The men laugh before Jake points out that they don't know what the women are talking about while they do the chores. Brian -- ever the anthropologist -- pats himself on the back: "It's quite an observation."

As the women fuss over the cooking, Helen is suddenly going on about the amount of sugar to put into her "grandmother's caramel recipe." Erin looks on, more bewildered than interested. Jake tells us that he likes everyone in Chuay Gahn, but that "the only one that drives [him] crazy is Helen with the constant recipes." Helen goes on about her "Swedish almond bars," detailing the need for a cookie sheet, toasted almonds, batter, and a sprinkling of raisins, while the others in the group take copious notes. Except not. I'm glad to know that Erin's not into raisins, though. It's something to keep in mind when I'm baking her cookies. Seriously, why am I watching this? Jake agrees and exclaims, "My God! You know I need to go somewhere else when she starts that recipe stuff, which is non-stop, 24/7." Helen fiddles with the flesh at the sides of her sports bra and fantasizes over "cashew butterscotch squares." She makes an orgasmic face when the others ask what they are. She explains, "Same type thing -- pastry on the bottom, and then cashews and butterscotch chips on top, and they bake in the oven." She says it's something to cut up and put in lunchboxes. And for your kids to trade for Twinkies once they get to school.

While walking away with Brian, Jake says, "God-dang, that obsessive talk about food and recipes drives me totally wild." Brian says that Helen likes to talk about the same thing over and over again as Jake says, "Yackety, yackety, yackety!" He says he finds himself thinking, "Jesus, don't you girls ever just be?" As Jake and Brian ready the boat, Brian voice-overs that he and Jake like to get away from the camp. He says, "I kind of am getting a little bit of cabin fever -- or if they wanna call it out here a little, uh, cave, uh, cave fever. I'm goin' stir cave-y." Hee. The two men paddle along in the rain as Jake voice-overs that he and Brian are still cautious as to what they reveal to each other because of the tribal division. They're not cautious in discussing the hotties, though, as Jake asks which Sook Jai girl Brian thinks is better-looking. Brian thinks Penny's "got a cuter look," and they agree that she's pretty. Jake tells us that he's trying to figure out info from Brian, like which Chuay Gahn member would be voted off first, and that they're partly truthful to each other, but partly "fudgin' a little bit." Still, they are building confidence in each other, and he thinks they might be able to "form an alliance of sorts." Brian tells us that although Jake is feeling him out, he's not giving him anything -- "at least not yet."

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