Sleeping With The Enemy

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Smense And Smensibility

Day turns to night, and Helen is still prattling on with the recipes. And this, for once, might not be a trick of editing; it really looks like she's stood in the same place for eight hours while rattling off one stupid recipe after another. She says, "A cup of sugar. Half a cup of plain old cocoa. You know? Cocoa, not mix. Cocoa. You're gonna take another cup of sugar and you're gonna pour..." Personally, I'm gonna do no such thing. Ted rolls his eyes while Brian and Clay trade expressions of disbelief. In the shelter, Jake and Ken conclude that Brian is a "good guy." Ken proposes that they figure out if he can be swung over to Sook Jai's side along with Clay for the final four. Jake thinks that if he's left alone with Brian a little bit longer, he might win him over. Still he's not completely sure, and Ken agrees that he shouldn't be too confident in Brian's allegiance. He says, "Just remember, he's a used-car dealer. What do they sell? They sell lemons." Tee.

The sun rises on Day 23. After checking the treemail with Jake, Jan rouses the others: "Treemail, children!" Whatever it is, Jake thinks the others will go "bonkers" over it. We see that they've received a giant vial of amber-colored fluid containing a submerged miniature immunity idol. The clue reads, "How you deal with adversity will show who copes the best/ Anyone can shine when it's easy, but how do you deal with stress?/ No physical strength required or power from your brain [sounds like a challenge for Jan!]/ All you need for this one is the desire to win this game." Jake reminds us in an interview that if Sook Jai wins this challenge, they'll be back at even numbers with Chuay Gahn.

The S9 swim up to the challenge site and haul themselves onto the floating dock. The whole emerging-from-water thing is not nearly so attractive as when a Bond girl does it. Peachy explains that the challenge will test their ability to remain calm when their instinct is to panic. Eight individual bamboo snorkels have been constructed, and the S9 will submerge, attempt to fit their mouths around the mammoth snorkel piece, blow out the water, and begin normal breathing. "In theory," Peachy says, they should be able to remain submerged for a long period of time, but the first few breaths might induce panic. He points out that the snorkels are not "traditional," and lack fitted mouthpieces, so they will leak and let in saltwater. As soon as a competitor surfaces, he or she is out of the contest. Peachy explains that the individual times for all members of each tribe will be added together to produce each tribe's final score. In other words, if three members of one tribe come up right away but the last member remains down a really long time, that tribe can still win the challenge. Peachy points out that it's Chuay Gahn's first chance to sit out a tribe member, and when they reveal that Helen's been chosen, he laughingly agrees. She's a swimming instructor; if anyone is comfortable in the water, it should be her. But clearly, if she's submerged and sucking on a snorkel, it would be impossible to share with the others her third cousin's recipe for Zesty Orange Macadamia Schnitzel. Peachy posits that the challenge could take "hours or minutes," depending on how well the S9 (minus Helen) handles stress. He says nothing about "seconds," which as it turns out would be the more appropriate word choice.

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