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Bare Asses and Bad-Asses

Previously on Survivor, Peachy wore his handsome blue shirt and not his rustic khaki shorty pants suit. Also, HeiDDi had bad teeth. Roger "assumed" that the competition was a battle of the sexes, and you know what happens when you assume? Your unsuspecting ass gets voted off. Also, Deena and Rob planned to take the men out, with Rob apparently not qualifying as one. Deena emphatically claimed the game as her own, and although that issue remains in question, her ownership of the season's first immunity challenge did not: besting Christy at Rock, Paper, Scissors, she took home the victory.

Fog, a stuffed animal resembling toucan, and a delightful sloth bring us to Jackée on Day 22. Deena holds up a pair of skivvies, calling them "a last memory of Roger." The tribe members, led by Deena, laughingly decide to hang the undies up in a tree. As Rob plays air bugle, Deena tells us in a voice-over that Roger was "this sexist, arrogant man," and that his departure left the group a lighter, happier tribe. Rob cracks up mid-"Taps," and Jenna calls him out for being flat, an accusation no one could direct at HeiDDi. Rob's response is that he hasn't "tuned [his] bugle" in a couple weeks. We see another close-up of the tighty whities, which are technically more like tighty greyies. In an interview, Deena tells us she's still in control of the tribe, although she feels like she's moving 120 miles an hour and her "panties are still on fire." Thirty seconds into this episode, and I've already seen and heard more than I ever wanted to know about the undergarments of this season's competitors.

We next see Alex, Matthew, and Davey Rockett seated, Davey Rockett looking particularly wary. He voice-overs that last night's Tribal Council was an "interesting" turn of events, proving that no one really knows what's going on in the game. Technically, last night's Tribal Council proved only that Davey Rockett, Butch, and Roger didn't really know what was going on in the game. Still, Davey Rockett adds that his game has been turned completely upside down, and that he's lost all stability just because he put his "roots" into an alliance with Roger. He sleepily concludes that he has to adjust to the way things are right now.

Davey Rockett and Butch examine the shoreline as Butch voice-overs in an interview that he and Davey Rockett are planning to build a dock as a "courtesy" to the other members of the tribe, so that their feet don't get wet. Butch plaintively tells us that feet are miserable when they're wet. The two men hack at trees and then run through the jungle in spastic panic to avoid one falling over on them. Davey Rockett scales yet another branchless tree using only his arms. He's suddenly something like fifteen or twenty feet in the air while, back at camp, Rob spots him across the treetops, and nudges Christy to look. Rob wonders aloud if there isn't a tree good enough that's not twenty feet high. Hee. Deena agrees that it is kind of funny. In an interview, Rob tells us he's got a problem with Davey Rockett because Davey thinks he's the smartest person in the world. He complains that Dave is, "Mr. Adventure. Mr. Personality. All the girls wanna get with him," and that Rob can't take anymore of his arrogance and showing off. As we see Davey Rockett shimmying back down the tree and nonchalantly brushing himself off, Rob concludes that Davey Rockett has to go because he's a threat, even though the more obvious conclusion is that Davey Rockett has to go because he's good with the ladies. Rob reveals that the main alliance right now is himself, Deena, HeiDDi, Jenna, and Alex, who happen to be the five people whom he most enjoys spending his time with.

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