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Bare Asses and Bad-Asses

Davey Rockett also tells us in an interview that he'll vote for Matt, because it's his only chance of staying in the game. He hopes that a few other people will join him so that they can amass the majority. We then see Davey Rockett approaching Alex with the proposition of throwing him a "sympathy vote." Alex matter-of-factly explains that Davey Rockett has two things working against him: his relationship with Roger, and the fact that he's a "bad-ass." In an interview, Alex tells us that he's voting for Davey Rockett because he'd rather not compete against him anymore. Sounds like Alex and Tonya Harding might have shared the same coach at some point in their lives.

Deena asks a squatting Jenna and Rob what HeiDDi's feelings are about voting out Davey Rockett, and Rob sour-grapes that when he went to bed the previous evening, the two were in "full embrace." Jenna adds, "Dave always embraces HeiDDi," although she's still not sure how HeiDDi feels about Dave "personally."

We then join Davey Rockett and HeiDDi, as he tells her that it's between him and Matt, and that he'd like to stay a few more days. HeiDDi would also like Davey Rockett to stay, and she thinks Deena agrees with that, too. Davey Rockett agrees that Deena agrees, and then HeiDDi agrees that Davey Rockett agrees that Deena agrees. There's a lot of agreement going on. HeiDDi thinks Davey Rockett has a 50/50 chance of being voted out, and she encourages him to look at it that way. And if that's the most positive thing she can come up with, he's really in trouble.

The tribe members shoulder up their belongings and head off with oars in hand toward Tribal Council. By the time they arrive, night has fallen, and we see the same backlit tarantula making its way down a branch in front of the fire. Peachy wears another blue shirt, but it's not as pretty as the one he wore last week. The deeper blue brings out his eyes much better. He welcomes them and then immediately directs the conversation to how people are fitting into the group. He calls out Matthew for admitting in the past that he was an outcast, who insists that things have completely changed because since the merger people have been more interested in what he has to say. As Rob cracks up, Matthew continues that he has made some true friends and genuine relationships. Peachy doesn't let Rob off the hook, and calls him out for making "a lot of facial expressions during that answer." Rob lies that he's just happy with "Matthew's progress," because Matthew used to be "secluded" and kept to himself, but has since become an invaluable part of the tribe. Matthew looks quite pleased by Rob's flattery.

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