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Bare Asses and Bad-Asses

Although we don't see HeiDDi's vote, we do hear that she has "total, total respect" for this person, who she thinks is playing the game hard and well, which is why he/she needs to go.

As Peachy returns from tallying the votes, we see Butch doing back stretches. Hee. Sometimes it seems like Butch is just some random guy having his vacation in the jungle who stumbled upon fifteen other people, and he's so nice that no one wants to hurt his feelings by informing him that they're actually in the middle of a game and asking him to leave. In any case, the first vote is for Davey Rockett, followed by a vote for Matt. In the end, the tribe would rather hold onto their serial killer than their killer competitor, and so Davey Rockett claims the remainder of the votes. He becomes the eight person voted out of the game, and the first member of the jury. Rob experiences sudden and random rapid eye movements.

The downtrodden Davey Rockett's torch is extinguished and he walks very slowly down the path away from the Tribal Council set. HeiDDi looks confused while Peachy lectures that it's a game about relationships, and with only fifteen days to go, they should be wondering whether their relationships are indeed genuine.

Next time on Survivor, a power struggle erupts between Deena and Alex and Butch and a piranha.

As the credits roll, we see that everyone, including Butch, voted against Davey Rockett. Davey Rockett wishes everyone the best and cites a "great Nepalese saying," meaning, "What to do?" He concludes that he's hungry and "it's food time." Someone get that cute boy a meal! And my phone number! (I know I'm a married woman, but is it wrong for me to want him just to scale trees in my back yard all day long?)

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