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Bare Asses and Bad-Asses

The S9 hike through a very green field, where Peachy awaits their arrival to announce that the next challenge is for individual reward, and will be played in two rounds. They will first be grouped in three teams of three, followed by a second round in which the members of the winning team will compete against each other in a final, individual race. Peachy points out a pool of mud with five colored flags, explaining that the teams will be belted to a bungee cord with the goal of collecting all five flags, the furthest being the most difficult to reach because of the tension of the cord. The first team to retrieve all five flags in the proper order will win the challenge and then compete against each other in the final round. Peachy reveals that the reward is "an afternoon of refreshment," causing Jenna to throw her head back and cover her eyes as if the words "afternoon of refreshment" actually means something to her. First, the winner will get a "nice, cool bath," and Peachy emphasizes the fact that it will be with cold water. Who wants a bath in cold water? ["If you had been hot as a crotch for twenty-two straight days, you might." -- Wing Chun] Obviously Peachy does; he revels in the promise that the winner can lie back and get clean. The winner will also get a banana split with chocolate syrup, a brownie sundae, and strawberries and cream.

The tribes draw teams, with the division as follows: Christy, Rob, and Butch; Davey Rockett, Deena, and Alex; and Jenna, Matthew, and HeiDDi. They're off and in the mud, and Deena takes an early digger. As much as it pains me to say it, Jenna and HeiDDi seem pretty good at this challenge, but then again, their combined sixty-five pounds of body weight don't offer up much resistance. Meanwhile, Butch appears to be attempting to swim through the mud, which can't be more than two feet deep.

Matthew's team is ahead for much of the race, Davey Rockett's team close behind. Jenna loses her shorts. We get a close-up shot of her pixilated ass, and the cameraman gets a fiver tossed his way. Rob and Butch take a different approach, attempting to pull/push Christy up to the flag while they remain behind. It doesn't appear to be working all that well, but it's a noble effort. Or maybe I just like Butch.

As the tribes approach the fourth and fifth flags, they all slow to a crawl. Although her team is behind, Christy appears to be having a really good time, which is nice to see. Matthew, meanwhile, is positively snarling. This challenge would have been so much more entertaining if the cord had snapped them back once they'd retrieved each flag. What a missed opportunity! They don't, however, miss the opportunity to show another shot of Jenna's shortsless ass.

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