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Bare Asses and Bad-Asses

It's now Day 23, and an insect buzzes in a crocodile's eye. A bunch of insects swarm Rob's head, as he voice-overs that he doesn't know what it is about a "dirty human head, but for some reason, gnats hang out at a dirty human head." Ew. We see the gnats are buzzing around HeiDDi too, but there's a more reasonable explanation for that one: like to like. Rob adds that his head is "like Studio 54" for the insects, "and that they're having a party on top of [his] dome, and that there are about a million of them and they're in a flight pattern, an orbit." As a bug-free Butch looks on in apparent amazement, Rob concludes, "I don't know what's goin' on up there. I didn't rub my head in anything. There's no food in my head that I'm aware of." Again with the ew. We see a bug-swarmed Deena having a discussion with a distracted Christy, who may be laughing because of something Deena said, or because as Rob tells us it's funny to talk to someone when he or she has "a million gnats hanging around their head like they're Pigpen from The Peanuts."

On a trek through the jungle, Matthew tells Rob that he's feeling energized -- like he's getting into his groove; Rob agrees that they're lucky to have such a good group. In an interview, Matthew tells us that he really appreciates and values the relationship because Rob knows the game inside and out while he's just clueless. So I guess Rob wasn't talking shit in the previous episode, after all, since Matthew obviously agrees that he's useless. Still, as much as one can pity someone who enjoys carving up bodies and eating them, I pity Matt as he tells us that not only has Rob taught him about the game, "he's also a great guy." Rob asks whether Matt is comfortable voting off Butch if Davey Rockett wins immunity, and Matthew says that he is. Rob, meanwhile, pretends to feel bad about the possibility of getting rid of Butch because he likes him. In an interview, Rob tells us that in order to keep Matthew as part of their alliance, he needs to make him believe he's got "a different deal goin' on than the actual one he has." This is intercut with a quick snippet of pitiful Matthew earnestly insisting that he trusts Rob and hopes Rob trusts him, as well. Meanwhile, Rob continues explaining to us that he's constructed a fake final three for Matthew, consisting of the two of them and Alex. We see Rob slowly explaining to Matthew the importance of keeping their alliance a secret, because if people find out they're "in cahoots," they'll become targets. And anyone who had a question about Rob's dork quotient should note that he just used the expression "in cahoots." The segment wraps up with Rob telling us that he wants Matthew gone as soon as possible, because he's taking his life in his hands with the number of lies he's told just to keep Matthew happy.

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