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Booty Duty

We open the episode with shots of islands, walking feet, a tower, more islands, waves, and more islands. As we see the perfectly encapsulating footage of the S16 ducking under a Thai stranger's back-yard clothesline, Peachy voice-overs that thirty-six days ago, sixteen Americans began "the adventure of a lifetime" in Thailand by journeying to a former prison camp and haven for pirates. Thus begins the longest and most random "previously" ever. We see footage of Peachy announcing that they will choose their own tribes, followed by reaction shots of Tanya fixing her bathing suit while Shii Devil clutches her hat in exaggerated surprise. Jan practices her golf swing, while Grindia is happy to get picked. Ted tells us that "if [we] will," Chuay Gahn ended up a tribe of older people. Peachy voice-overs that they seemed like the underdogs, but that Sook Jai had difficulties bonding as a tribe. We see Shii Devil refuse to show Robb her hands and Jed taking Brian out beyond the allowed "attack zone" in the best challenge ever. So Chuay Gahn proved to be strong competitors, and Clay proved to have obscenely erect nipples. Then Ted started grinding on Grindia, and he wasn't even attracted to her! Robb got sucked underwater after getting stung by a sea creature, and acted like a whiny little baby, balled up fists and all. Then, Helen made a case for gun control. Later, tribes and individuals went on trips; Shii Devil was excited to partake in the land's culture, and Clay had no words to describe its beauty. Robb wasn't "fuckin' stupid," and Ken called him a good man before voting his epiphanied ass out. Peachy explains that no matter what went down at camp, Tribal Council loomed. Three members from each tribe were voted out in the first eighteen days.

Then, Peachy details the merge-that-wasn't. Because he certainly didn't say anything to give them that impression, did he? Shii Devil's head did a 180, and then she said "tribe unified" lots of times and called Penny "manipoolative." Penny responded that she'd had plenty of opportunities to vote out Shii Devil, but hadn't acted on that opportunity. Until now. So Sook Jai lost a member and ended up with the numerical disadvantage. Also, Chuay Gahn pissed in their cave; Jake needed to leave when Helen talked about "that recipe stuff; Magilla snarfed down their bananas; and Sook Jai voted off Erin. Then followed a true merge, which resulted in the gong-studded snuffing of the remaining Sook Jais. Then came the time to vote out one of Chuay Gahn's own, and Clay lay in boredom in the foreground of the camera shot while Ted drew a devil in the sand and called him a "comical character." Ted won a car and did a semi-somersault in the sand, before bringing Helen along for dinner and a massage, during which he said, "Yeah, dawg!" and forgot where he was in his drunken machinations. Back at camp, the rest of the tribe members were nervous about Ted and Helen's friendship, but not, apparently, about the fact that Ted and Helen were suddenly capable of walking on water. Helen told Brian that she "'yeah yeah yeah'ed [Ted] to death," and then Brian strutted his way to an immunity-challenge win. Ted "felt the sting of betrayal," in his unanimous voting out. Now, only four remain. Two will face the jury; one will become "the sole Survivor."

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