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Booty Duty

Time passes and we rejoin them four minutes and thirty seconds into the challenge. Jan takes deep breaths, and all of the competitors' eyes are closed.

More time passes, and at eight minutes and forty-five seconds, Clay looks down at his legs in amazement, and then wriggles his hips from side to side. Peachy announces that this is the painful point, and urges them to "work through it." Clay is losing his cap, while sweat rolls down Jan's face. Peachy advises them to stay focused on their own game, most likely because Brian remains unaffected. Clay wiggles around some more, looking very uncomfortable, while Peachy narrates that the challenge is designed to hurt and to test willpower. He announces, "You're at the hardest part right now. You are in the darkest. Part. Of this. Challenge." He thinks they've come too far to give in now.

At twelve minutes and fifteen seconds, Clay's legs have started to shake uncontrollably while Peachy is still prattling on about staying in the game, the importance of "the image you put forth," and how power can be given and taken away. It's all very Secret of NIMH. Jan has started shaking by now too; she suddenly stops -- still holding all the coins -- lowers her arms, and says she can't. She apologizes, squats even deeper, and steps down from the platform. Clay watches her, continues to shake, then drops all his coins at once and rushes out of the position. Peachy tells them to have a seat and "stretch it out," proving that he stays so fit by a consistent aerobics regimen. Brian slowly comes down, after first asking if he can. He congratulates the others on their effort, and Clay earnestly tells Jan, "Way to go, Jan. You give [sic] it all you got!" So Brian gets the immunity necklace for the third straight time, and he rolls his head in all directions as Peachy crowns him and explains that he has a big decision ahead of him. They're dismissed back to camp, while Brian looks particularly plotty and pensive.

The S3 return from the challenge while Magilla eats something and watches them curiously. Brian proclaims it "quite a morning," and asks whether the others are in pain. Clay stares at the wall and flatly answers that his legs hurt. In an interview, Jan tells us that, going into the challenge, she knew she had to win, but her legs were shaking and she was sweating and she just couldn't force herself to that next level. Brian animatedly talks to the camera: "Wow! What a dramatic challenge!" As thunder rolls, he says he felt the same way during the challenge -- like lightning was passing through his body. Rain starts to come down as Brian explains that he had a "major burn" throughout his body -- his legs, butt, lower back, and neck. He congratulates himself for making it through, and taking home the immunity for the third straight time. He reclines with his legs and arms crossed. In an interview, Clay tells us that he's very confident Brian will "set Jan on the jury" as the seventh member, and that Clay will go into the Final Two alongside him. We see a rainbow as Brian pensively stares outward and fiddles with his hands. He voice-overs that he's trying to think about the whole picture because he knows he could be making a "$900,000 mistake." He says he could choose to go against Jan, a fifty-three-year-old woman who hasn't done much, but hasn't stepped on any toes, either; or against Clay, who has played a game very similar to Brian's. He just doesn't know. The S3 gather their torches, and Clay voice-overs that the only reason Brian might take Jan at this point is because it'd be an "easier win." Isn't that the only reason, period? He knows there's a possibility that Brian will walk into the Tribal Council and "blow him out of the water," because together they've blown two other people out of the water. And I always thought "blow[ing someone] out of the water" meant "kicking their butt," but he seems to mean it more in the "blow [someone] away" sense. In any case, Clay says it could happen, but that he would still have to see it to believe it.

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