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Booty Duty

The last of the soaring birds soars overhead. The last of the racing clouds races above. The ugly purple and yellow Sook Jai flag looks ugly for the very last time. As Clay stuff his personal items into a bag, he voice-overs that if you look at the whole game, it's clear that they each contributed in different ways to the group's survival. He says that somewhere within the experience, all sixteen people helped each other live, and that even though they suffered, it's been a memorable event. He and Brian shoulder up the last of their things and head out of camp with the cry, "We're outta here!" As they walk off, Magilla rubs his eyes.

In an interview, Brian tells us that they both had fun and brought their own meaning to the experience. Now standing in the "winner's circle," they can't "get any higher in this game," and it's up to the jury to make the final decision. He tells us again that it's strictly a game to him, about building relationships and cutting losses. While Magilla huddles at the water's edge, Brian voice-overs that some of those relationships weren't necessarily real, and it's a "sad fact of reality" that Survivor is a brutal, dangerous game: if you don't build a strong skin, you'll be out of it quickly. Brian knows that people may have formed new opinions of him within the past few days, and that it's scary now to have the spotlight on him.

In an interview, Clay tells us that everyone respects Brian because he's "a class act." Not exactly the words I'd choose, but that's just me. Still, he points out that Helen and Ted had a "pretty solid base with old Brian," and might feel more betrayed by him in the end. Clay knows that no one wants to be the first person voted out, but it's the nature of the game, along with the fact that someone else has to be the final winner. He says, "It's just all the stuff in between the two people that is the problem." He wishes they all could have a million dollars, but they can't: it ends up with just one and, he tells us, "I still got one more to beat."

The S2 hike off to Tribal Council, and for the first time in all the seasons, this segment is not accompanied by voice-over input from the jury members. They arrive at Tribal Council looking their very most serious. Brian takes a big, silly last step, carefully sets down his guitar, and then tosses back his glorious mullet. The jury comes in, and Jan wears nice, flowy white pants. She's still the only one who can manage a smile over the experience.

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