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Booty Duty

It's Penny's turn, and she explains that despite Sook Jai's numerical disadvantage when the tribes merged, she tried to get to know the others even though she knew she'd be voted out. She says, "But did you really bother to get to know who I am?" She asks Brian where she grew up, and he answers "Texas." Penny wants him to specifically name which town, and he guesses, "Beaumont." She grins and snits, "That would be Jan." Helen and Jan exchange a knowing look. Penny then asks Brian whether she has any siblings; Brian guesses that she has "an older brother...or an older sister." Penny reveals that she's the oldest, prompting Brian to say, "And I don't know their names?" as if there's some question to it. Penny asks if Clay wants to add anything, and he eagerly jumps right in. He knows that she's a huge Texas football fan, and he's impressed that she's letting her "future sister" plan her wedding. He even knows the "future sister's" name: Colleen. Clay adds that Penny made a huge decision when she was in high school to leave the home she shared with her "daddy" and move in with her mother. He knows she regrets not spending her childhood with her sister, but that they have a really good relationship now. He doesn't know what else to tell her. On the jury, Erin looks impressed, while Penny admits to being satisfied before directly wishing Clay good luck. Somehow I am not surprised that Penny would base her entire decision on...well, herself.

Jake is friendly as he greets Clay and Brian, pointing out that they're in the hot seat tonight. Clay responds, "Boy, I'm tellin' ya!" Jake is glad to be on the other side of the fire, and admits amazement that Brian and Clay were able to turn Penny against Jake in what Jake thought was "just a really clever, manipulative move." He says that "on that very night," Jeff asked if anyone felt vulnerable, and he admitted to feeling so, but expressed hope because of Brian's former statement that the vote would be based on performance, and he knew his performance was as good as or better than most. He complains that Clay "really blasted [him]," and asks why Clay felt so threatened by Jake's comment, which was only a restatement of Brian's claim. Clay goes on the defensive, and lays into Jake for coming to Chuay Gahn's camp and attempting to make different alliances with different players. He says, "You was [sic] tryin' to play me with all of my own tribe members. And you didn't think we wasn't [sic] gonna talk? You were wrong!" Jake was also wrong if he thought Clay would pander for Jake's vote. Jake then asks how Brian felt, and Brian says he was working alongside Jake to provide for the tribe. He adds, "No, I did not feel the same way. To answer your question." By now, I've completely lost track of whatever question that was, but obviously it's whatever answer Jake wants to hear.

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