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Booty Duty

As an afterthought, she turns to Clay and asks him to offer examples -- "three if [he] can" -- of how he contributed to the survival of his tribe. Clay says, "I, I did stuff every day. I did a little bit every day. That's all I have to say." Helen looks at Peachy in disbelief and says, "I asked for -- three reasons I wanted -- on a daily basis." Clay says that there's no answer in the world that will satisfy her, "so why try." And I don't blame him, after what she just put Brian through. Before completely absolving him, that is. Helen snits her way back to the bench, saving future misdirected venom for the reunion show.

Peachy advises the jury to take a minute and think about their decisions, while Clay and Brian look off dramatically into the distance. The cameras pan out to the blackness of the sea, and then we fade to commercial.

As we return from Tribal Council, the jury looks typically snickery. Peachy says for the umpteenth time that the ball is in their court, and reminds them that they're voting for someone this week, as opposed to against him. He further clarifies that Clay and Brian actually want to see their names on the night's ballots.

Erin votes first. She looks thoughtful, then writes down Clay's name. Sounding a little choked up, she explains that she feels Clay has been honest, and Brian hasn't. She wishes him luck, and I notice that she's left-handed, so she can't be all bad.

Ken grins, but we don't see his vote.

Ted holds his head high and votes for "B." He then launches into a diatribe against Brian, insisting that it would have been an easy decision but, "You messed up, bro. You messed up." He says that Brian assumed that the writing in the sand was a scheme against him; it was really against Clay. He says, "You need to check yourself." Brian needs to know that some people are committed to their word. Ted adds, "My word was my bond, and it's pitiful that you didn't know that." He concludes, "But you are the lesser of the two evils," clearing things up for those of us at home giggling because Ted appeared to have gotten the whole voting thing wrong.

We don't see Jake's vote. Clay and Brian look bored.

Penny votes. Gong! She has written Clay's name down with an underscore and an exclamation point. She says that, of the two finalists, only Clay took the time to get to know her. Again, because it's all about Penny.

We don't see Jan's vote, either. Clay and Brian still look bored.

Helen turns out not to need Brian's help making a fool of herself; she does perfectly fine on her own. After all of her indignant anger, she still proves that she's under Brian's thumb, throwing her vote his way, claiming, "What happened between you and I [sic] happened between you and I." She insists that as a "bigger person," she's capable of looking at the bigger scope of the game. She says Brian had a work ethic and excelled at the challenges. She concludes, "So for that, and your work ethic, and your sexy, sexy bod, you get my vote tonight." Except without the "sexy bod" part. Except she was so thinking it. She wishes Brian luck and hopes he wins.

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