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Booty Duty

As they head back to camp with the decorations, Clay explains in an interview that they're supposed to "fix up a float" for each person who was kicked off. He says, "There's some kind of tradition in Thailand about settin' somethin' out to, to sea -- you know, a message out of love and hope and good luck and the future -- I think it's, it's what it's all about." Back at camp, the tribe examines the goods and Clay enthuses, "We got a job to do, people!" Helen finds a sample krathong, and Clay is happy that he has tweezers while Jan says, "I need toenail!" Brian, meanwhile, has located toothpicks, which he and Helen are particularly excited about. Toothpicking ensues. We also see that they received some pretty, pearl-headed pins; it is apparently extremely important to the editors that we see this. The S4 decide to set themselves up as an "assembly line," and seem particularly impressed by Clay's efforts. He voice-overs that he tried to fit the personalities of each of the competitors into each little float. Jan drawls that since Erin intended to get a lotus tattoo on her foot, she should get the sole lotus flower. In an interview, Jan tells us that the game forces sixteen people -- who may or may not "genuinely dislike" each other -- to get along. She says, "Even if you had someone's wreath that you weren't particularly crazy about, you still made it good." Brian jokes that Clay is spending a lot of time on Grindia's float, and Clay responds, "I'm gonna stick your ass with a pin," instead of the more fitting "I'm gonna stick your ass in the eye with a pin." In any case, he seems to be taking the task very seriously, and adds that he's attending to her float because no one else will. We then see a shot of Grindia's pretty little krathong. Sounds kind of like a dirty word when you say it like that.

As we see Brian carelessly plunk flowers into a wreath, he tells us that all he can think is, "You've come a long way, baby." He then looks into the camera and pats himself on the back. Literally. He says that he's had to make some difficult decisions, but that he'd much rather be in his current position than looking at a wreath with his name on it. Insisting that it's a "business trip, strictly," he adds, "My attire is just beard and uh, uh, bathing suit out here, but I'm in business mode." Well, a beard and bathing suit is probably a step in the right direction from whatever "attire" porno professionals usually wear.

The tribe has now split along gender lines, and Clay tells Brian that they have to win immunity today. Brian says, "Okay," as if it's the matter of an easy decision, as opposed to a competition. Then again, considering what his competition consists of, maybe it is that simple. Brian tells Clay the best thing at this point is not to talk about it. As Helen and Jan naïvely coo over a red vase-like thing they've received in the treemail, we see Brian tell Clay that there's "no ifs ands or buts," and surprisingly Clay doesn't respond, "But I like the butts, Brian!" Instead, they shake on their agreement. Helen and Jan return to camp exclaiming over the treemail, and Clay unconvincingly exclaims, "Oh, great!" Jan orders them to dust off their "remaining brain cell," and Helen clarifies that she means, "'cell' not 'seal.'" The clue is about fools repeating mistakes and hindsight being 20/20. The S4 are advised to cash in on what they've learned so far in the game in order to get closer to the money. Brian says, "That's obvious. What it is." Helen agrees while Jan nods behind her. Clay asks, "What?" which is then followed by a long, uncomfortable pause during which Helen and Brian both confirm that they're ass-talkers until Jan responds, "What we learned. Here." Clay says, "Oh, okay, yeah." Because that explanation really cleared it up for him.

Brian leads the tribe into the challenge. He'll just keep right on leading them through the remainder of the game (although we don't know that yet). Peachy welcomes them and reminds them that at this point in the game, with only three days and four competitors remaining, they only way to control their fate is by winning immunity. He explains that the challenge is called "Second Chance," and is, "appropriately enough," a chance to revisit certain aspects of previous challenges. Peachy looks particularly, ruddily cute here. On Peachy's go, the S4 will dig up a wicker ball, carry it over a bamboo balancing beam, maneuver it through fishnet tubing, place it on a torch, release a knife through a slide puzzle, cut through a rope, and release a bag of materials. They will then take the materials into a jail cell, where they will use them to construct a pole to fetch a key and unlock the door. Finally, they will sprint to the final "buffet table," where a surprise food challenge awaits. The first person to eat the food and show his empty mouth to Peachy claims the immunity. Brian looks most bothered at the idea of eating something gross, while Jan just looks typically, googly-eyed happy because she might get a meal.

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