Slip Through Your Fingers

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Booty Duty

With the reminder that the reward is a spot in the Final Three, and that the stakes have never been higher, Peachy strips Brian of the immunity necklace, and then the S4 are off and digging. Dig, dig, dig, dig, dig. Clay -- who appears to dig with only one hand -- is the first to finish. He skitters across the beam and falls, complaining, "Makes ya slip!" Peachy makes his cringing face. Jan is the second to unearth her wicker ball, and heads off to the balance beam, where she takes two steps before falling off. Peachy commands the others to keep digging, and Brian mutters something about China. Hee. Clay is halfway across the beam, and we see that Helen is the third to retrieve the wicker ball. Clay takes a few high-kneed steps to the end of the beam, then does a fancy dismount. He moves on to the fishnet tubing, which Peachy insists that it's not a big lead. Finally, Brian digs up his wicker ball, and joins the struggling Jan and Helen on the balance beam.

By now, Clay has reached the slide puzzle, where he will remain for a long, long time. Brian quickly makes it across the beam, while Jan and Helen continue to flail. Jan mumbles to herself, gets back on the beam, and falls off. Helen also takes a spill, causing Peachy to yell, "Guys on the balance beam -- look where you are going!" and I'm not sure that the problem is failure to adequately look ahead. So Brian moves on to the tubing and makes good time of it, reaching the slide puzzle, where Clay is still in distress. Peachy tells Jan and Helen, "Way to keep fightin'!" Moments later, Jan -- who is scurrying along -- screams and falls. Helen, wearing just socks, fiercely concentrates, adjusts her hair and sunglasses, and prepares to attempt the beam again. Brian releases his knife, and Clay looks over in alarm. Peachy announces that Brian is "screwin' up his puzzle so Clay can't look over and copy," and Clay's expression changes from anxiety to curiosity. Brian slices through his rope, releases the sack, and heads to the jail cell.

Helen has tucked the wicker ball into her pants and has made it halfway across the beam. Peachy advises her that it's "just a sprint to the bottom," and she succeeds while Jan launches herself into another flying digger. Seriously, I think Jan's beam has a propulsive element. Peachy half-heartedly says, "Let's go, Jan." In the jail cell, Brian reaches his key and moseys over to the food item. Clay, meanwhile, is still working on the knife slide puzzle and has been joined by Helen. Jan finally makes it across the beam with a cry of "Hallelujah!" and Peachy congratulates her with a surprised "Thataway, Jan!"

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