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Booty Duty

As Helen stomps around camp, she voice-overs that she, Clay, and Brian decided weeks ago to go into the Final Three together. They knew they would eliminate Ted, then Jan, then reevaluate their situation when they reached the final three slots. She knows that Clay envisions himself in the finals, though, so she's worried that they might decide to keep Jan around instead of her. She checked last night to make sure it was still a Ted vote, and then checked again today to see if it was with Jan. She was told "yes" both times. Now the three are together, and discuss whether to let Jan know she's going next. (Except Jan's not really going next -- sneaky Clay and Brian.) Clay thinks they should just let her be by herself and get through the day without upsetting her. In an interview, Helen tells us that Brian and Clay have had it with Jan and are frustrated by her. Helen says that Jan is definitely out tonight. If "definitely" means "under no circumstances," that is, in which case she's entirely right.

It's now time for the tribe to head out to Council, and they're all decked out and ready to go. The moon goes down, and lots of little lights adorn the set. They walk into the Council in slow motion, accompanied by all-new, farting sounds. The jury then comes in, and Ted appears to have lost even more weight during his one night out of the tribe. His underwear-esque outfit is a bit of a problem, though. Jan grins widely at the jury, while the others maintain serious expressions. Peachy announces that, prior to the vote at the last Tribal Council, no one admitted to feeling vulnerable. He concludes that that meant everyone felt safe, so someone was being lied to. Ted's ejection confirmed that, since he clearly didn't see it coming. Peachy then trots out the same nonsensical line he's been spouting for the past several weeks about how the jury is now comprised of four betrayed Sook Jais and one betrayed Chuay Gahn. He asks Clay if it was a smart way to play the game, and Clay suggests that he didn't "betray" Ted, but was just playing the game. He insists that lying is part of Survivor: it's a game of "people playin' people." He's sure he's said some deceptive things, but lying has kept him in the game.

Jan claims that she didn't lie to Ted; she just voted to keep herself in the game. Peachy's not having it -- he asks if he's supposed to believe that it was entirely coincidental that everyone voted against Ted. Jan doesn't know, but she doesn't think so. She argues that she didn't tell Ted she was going to vote against him, but he didn't ask her, either.

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