Smoking Out The Snake

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Snake and Rat Redux

In a confessional, Kelly tells us that her butt is on the line because her own tribe is turning on her. She says her only choice at this point is to "defect" to Sambutu. Kimp can tell Kelly's upset, and the two head off together. Kelly explains that Lex Loser told her there is no longer a Boran alliance because they all want to vote for different people. Kimp says she's going to vote for Lex Loser, and Kelly says she will, too. Kimp then assures Kelly that she has her word, and that she'll let Kelly know if anything changes. In the meantime, she'll "try to work on T-Bird." Now that's funny. Teresa explains to us in a confessional that they have to trust Kelly at this point even if they're not confident in her allegiance. Kimp and Teresa whisper at the water cooler while Kelly stands about five feet away, and while Lex Loser and Ethan are spitting distance away, as well. Is there some rule in this game that all secret conversation must occur in the perimeter of the camp and within hearing distance of all the participants? Kimp restates her faith in Kelly, but Teresa worries, "If we aren't all doing this, it's not gonna work." Kimp again assures Teresa that they're all in it together. Teresa asks whether Brandon is definite, and Kimp says that he is. I'm not sure why Teresa is making such a fuss over this: as she said, they don't really have any other choice. Teresa then asks aloud whether she can trust Frank, and immediately scolds herself, "I know that!" Meanwhile, Brandon tells us that his whole tribe expects him to vote against Lex Loser. He says that Lex Loser flat-out told him about Boran's intention to vote for Kelly. He never expected to be in this "power play position," and that it's very awkward for him. He honestly doesn't know what he'll do. Slow-motion suspicious faces take us to Tribal Council. Plotting and plotty faces abound at Mofo Maji.

The S9 arrive at Tribal Council; Peachy goads Ethan by pointing out that it's "sorta [his] week." Ethan humbly says it just "happened to be" a good week for him, and then ranks the reward a 10 "for sure." Frank says that when people leave, there's more talking amongst the remaining tribe members, and that it's harder to know what to think. Kimp says that she has considered the negative aspects of winning a reward challenge -- such as the absence from camp -- but that the opportunities far outweigh the negatives. Lex Loser says that he was surprised by the votes against him at the last Tribal Council, and tells Peachy that the mysterious vote definitely "occupied a lot of [his] thoughts." Peachy points out that people always claims to feel vulnerable, but are still surprised and angry when they receive a vote. Lex Loser explains that it's "just a natural reaction," when you see your name written on that paper, to feel different. He says that the vote changed everything for him, and that finding out who wrote down his name became the "burning question." Peachy cheerily announces, "Let's find out now who's outta the game!"

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