Smoking Out The Snake

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Snake and Rat Redux

In a confessional, a weathered-but-still-cute looking Teresa tells us that Lex Loser was distraught, and that it was terrible. She says the second vote he received was all he could think about, and that she hadn't anticipated its impact. She says she thought, "Shoot, ten votes; he got two, didn't get eight. Oh, what's the big deal? He's here." Back at camp, she paints something with "honor" written on it. Then, a piggybacking monkey scuttles by with a sign that has "irony" written on it. Lex Loser approaches Teresa and says, "Somebody around here is claiming to be something that they're not." We're supposed to think -- led, I suppose, by our collective "gut" -- that this is some sort of accusation. We cut back to Teresa's confessional, in which she tells us that everyone knows Clarence cast the first vote for Lex Loser, but that the tribe doesn't know she cast the second. "It was me!" she exclaims, then whispers, "I mean, I did it. I'm sick that I did it now." Lex tells Teresa that he wants her to know he has no suspicions against her whatsoever. He says he's going to let the situation go, because whoever did it "is probably gonna hang themselves, and that's the way it is." He then moots what he just said about letting go by adding that he wishes he knew "definitively, for sure" who cast the vote so that he could "take care of it." His x-ray, crazy man eyes pierce a hole in my television set. Piglet hides. Teresa tells us that she plans to keep quiet for a while longer about having cast the vote that spawned a thousand "gut" comments because she's not ready to leave yet. Her hair looks pretty when it's down. Lex Loser tells Teresa that from the moment he met her, he trusted her. He says, "I trust my gut over my eyes any day." What does that mean? Did he see Teresa cast her vote? He says, "My gut told me that you're the real deal." Lex and Teresa thank each other and Teresa tips Lex Loser's hat. Teresa finishes up her confessional by claiming that she's been straight up with everyone all along; now, she's not being straight up, for obvious reasons, and that bothers her a lot. And now I have Paula Abdul stuck in my head -- though, thankfully, not literally. Because I know she's tiny, but I still don't think she'd fit inside my head. In any case, as Lex walks away, Teresa whispers under her breath, "I hate this game."

Kelly and an unrecognizable Kimp check treemail, which is accompanied by a musical instrument. Kelly tells the others it's "like an African music-making device." The clue is about "co-ordination" and "persistence" and "run[ning] out of breath" and also about "fun," "leverage," "focus," and the fact that they "don't wanna miss." It also mentions an unusually cool reward. As the clue is read, Lex Loser takes out his aggressions on the innocent instrument. Then, an alligator angrily thrashes around. Because Lex Loser is angry, you see? And thrashing angrily around?

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