Smoking Out The Snake

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Snake and Rat Redux

Next on the agenda: finding sweets and goods for the tribe in the village. Ethan and Lex Loser head off to the "Wamba Marketplace," which also has the distinct look of a set. I'm not saying it is a set, but it sure looks like one. Another Wamba resident has attached himself to them, and Lex Loser asks, "You'll be fair with us, right?" which surely is a nice, respectful question. There are shoes and fruits in the market. Lex Loser tells us that after their "thousand-shilling meal" they only have six hundred shillings left for trading. Lots of bracelets are shown. Ethan thinks he can't afford something until he realizes he has sunglasses in his bag. The glasses go straight from Ethan's bag to the face of a man who really likes his new sunglasses. I'll bet he wears them to bed. Another man shows Lex Loser an unidentifiable object, and Lex Loser says, "That's nice, but I don't really need that." Ethan attempts to barter the hats, and tells us in a confessional, "I was trying to get a lot for the hat"; we see him explaining that the hat is all he has. The sunglasses guy is there, and is still wearing the sunglasses. Then Ethan realizes that he can trade his "Reebok long-sleeved t-shirt." There's an audible "ooh" as he removes the shirt to reveal...another shirt! In a confessional, he tells us, "I gave them my shirt right off my back. I gave 'em my hat off my head." He says that, for two hours, he felt like he was part of their lives and was able to witness how things work. We then see Ethan in the village, hacky-sacking while surrounded by kids. He tells us he started playing with the children and they were thinking, "How the hell can this kid know how to do this?" He adds, "I'm sure they don't see many white people that can play soccer or hacky sack." Lex hovers by the side of a building with some smaller children and entices them into his car with candy. Actually, he just points out that Ethan is a soccer player in the United States. Except he pronounces "soccer" like he's Madonna. A do-ragged Ethan says -- and the do-rag is not a good look for him -- that "the smiles on their faces were, you know, amazing." He thinks he made their day and tells us, "As we were leaving I, you know, I threw it to one of the little ones, and I, you know, gave him my hacky sack." Triumphant music plays because Ethan gave some kid his $3 hacky sack. ["At that point, my sister announced, 'Ethan, marry me,' so the gesture probably had some resonance with a certain segment of the audience." -- Wing Chun] Children jump in slow-motion to the triumphant music, and it's supposed to represent -- with the help of Ethan's magnificent hacky sack -- their ability to surpass all the obstacles in their backwards African lives. Because they have a hacky sack. Ethan tells us that it's hard to describe in words everything that was "going on in [his] head and in [his], you know, the body." He says he'll never be able to forget the experience. This implies that he'd like to forget the experience but just won't be able to. He and Lex Loser load their new stuff onto the truck, and Lex Loser says, "This is business." Children chase after the departing truck, and Ethan exclaims through a mouthful of food, "Look! They're all wearin' our hats and stuff!"

Mofo Maji. A skull morphs into Teresa. She tells us that she has yet to tell the others that she voted for Lex Loser, and that she doesn't plan to tell them anytime soon. Brandon leprechauns, "Everywhere you turn, a little bit o' schemin' goin' on." Teresa continues by saying that it worked well to have Lex Loser gone for the day, because it allowed the tribe to do things they wouldn't have done otherwise. Frank tells us in a confessional, "Believe it or not, God bless her, Teresa apparently gathered Kimp and Brandon back under the original Samburu wings." He says he knows he can't trust them, but that he has no other choice because "there could be a major D-Day invasion goin' on." If I knew what that meant, I'd be happy to tell you. Teresa plots with Brandon and Kimp. She says that if they're going to make a move, it has to be at the next Tribal Council, because that will be their only chance. Kimp makes squinchy faces in response. Meanwhile, Kelly sleeps nearby, blissfully ignorant. Or else she slept at some point during her time in the savannah and it's been edited to seem like right now.

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