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Not So Fast, Sylvia

Elsewhere, Mookie is transmitting the plan to Sylvia and Rita. Sylvia is openly grateful, admitting that she was sure it was going to be her. Rita, on the other hand, is openly scornful of this decision, beginning her reaction with -- I kid you not -- "Oh, no." Incidentally, Sylvia is sitting her buff on top of her head in a sort of improvised pillbox hat. That is a bad decision, fashion-wise. Sylvia, you are not Jackie O. Sylvia interviews that if this development shows you one thing, it's that you can't flip out in a survival situation. Unfortunately, instead of keeping this entirely correct observation to herself, she can't keep her yap shut and goes on to explain this in a chat with Rita, Anthony, and Rocky. Which is sort of making everyone like Sylvia less, right this minute, and most of them already don't like her. Clearly, Anthony doesn't like this decision about booting Erica, but equally clearly, he's uncomfortable saying in front of Sylvia that it makes infinitely more sense to boot Sylvia, so Anthony is kind of reduced to rubbing his head unhappily. Rita looks none too happy either. In an interview, Anthony says that Erica really hurt herself by freaking out at the challenge, and now everybody's trying to get rid of her.

Anthony talks to Michelle, and they agree that neither of them really thinks this is the right move, but that it seems to be what everybody else wants. This seems like a kind of a lifeless approach. I mean, there are eight people. There are already three people, including Erica, who don't want Erica booted. You have the beginnings of something, if you actually care. Anthony claims to have figured out that Rocky and Mookie have enough votes, so he's not sure there's much choice. Michelle says that if they already have the votes, then she's throwing hers to Sylvia. Hee. Anthony agrees. It's an interesting decision, not going along to get along. Anthony interviews that you "play the cards you're dealt," and that right now he has "a really funky hand." He continues to blame Sylvia for all the tribe's problems, going so far as to say she's been bad for their "mental health." Eh. Anthony chats with Rita, who is still pushing the anti-Sylvia thing, too, saying that she thinks they were all perfectly okay before Sylvia got there. While I think I see her point, trying to attribute the faults in an entire tribe's mental health to someone who hasn't even consistently been around seems like a stretch. Most of these people are fully capable of having a psychotic break without Sylvia.

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