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Not So Fast, Sylvia

Sylvia is distraught to learn that, unlike Exile Island, their camp did not come with a free flint, and they have no fire. She asks them how many canteens are filled right now, and they tell her they're just starting the process. She tries to jump into the coconut-breaking, but she doesn't seem to be very good at it, and I think the fact that she's had flint and therefore water and they haven't is kind of making people annoyed. She looks a lot fresher than the rest of them do, I'm saying, and when you feel like this, that will make you hate a person. Sylvia interviews that she feels a bit like an outsider, as a result of missing a whole day at camp. I think there are other reasons relating to her personality, but I do agree that it's always a disadvantage not to be there at the beginning. In this case, Sylvia was there just long enough to grate, and then she was evacuated. But whatever the reasons, she's not really feeling included in the group, and she seems to be largely correct. The real problem is that in the early going, people are looking for just about any excuse to vote somebody out, since they don't have very many real Sylvia, so you have to be careful that you don't stand out in any way in those early episodes. She made a mistake there, and she also got kind of unlucky.

The tribe is trying, smartly, to see if they can use anyone's glasses to make fire, and Sylvia seems to be offering suggestions that are not going over great. Michelle, who's one of those girls who says everything? Like it's a question? Well, she says she wasn't "excited" about Sylvia's return, because of "her personality." What's the watchword from Michelle? "Bossy." I have to say, from what they show, I don't really see "bossy." I see Sylvia trying to make suggestions, but she seems to be doing a decent job of making them sound like actual suggestions and not demands. I really think that if the initial reaction to her has some time to settle down, she's not that bad. She could be one of those people like Lydia or Rudy, where they barely avoid elimination right at the beginning, and then they last for-freaking-ever because nobody hates them anymore and it doesn't seem like you really need to worry about them. Anthony allows that Sylvia "does rub people the wrong way." Again, he mentions the b-word. Mookie, Rocky, and Anthony sit around talking, and Rocky says that, fairly obviously, if they had to boot someone tomorrow, it would be Sylvia. They accuse her of attempting a "dictatorship," which...maybe they just didn't show it, but everything she's said since she got back certainly seemed to be throwing things out for discussion, rather than demanding her own way. I think we're getting that thing again, where they bond over not liking someone, the identity of whom is chosen largely at random. Rocky, Anthony, and Mookie talk about learning what Sylvia can teach and then booting her, and then somebody says "cutthroat bastard," and it's like they're happy at last.

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