Snakes Are Misunderstood…We Have An Understanding Now

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Not So Fast, Sylvia

So they all declare that it's worth playing for, and now we can get started. Survivors ready...go! The contestants run to their boats. They're initially neck and neck with the paddling, but Ravu hits the first crate first, and they keep going, and before you know it, they have a little bit of a lead as they head back to shore. Not bad for people who are starving. Moto's rope also gets tangled up at one point, and Ravu continues to stretch out ahead a bit. Once Ravu hits the beach and starts hauling crates in, Moto begins to make up a little time on its much more tired opponent. Ravu's lead is pretty small by the time they start opening the crates, it seems. Soon, Moto and Ravu are both taking pieces of the pole out of crates, and Erica is yelling at Ravu about how to hold the pieces, turn them, handle them...she's being pretty aggressive with the instruction-giving. She starts to yell at them that they need to go back and put in a piece they've rejected: "I'm telling you all the one Earl has is it!" Jeff decides to put in, "Erica certain she's right! Nobody's listening!" This seems to egg Erica on, and she starts screeching "That was it!" and so forth. Finally, somebody says that they'll need to listen to Erica, so they try the piece she wants, and of course, that piece is not it. Sylvia tells Erica to "calm down." Over at Moto, things are going substantially more smoothly. As Moto gets closer to being done, Ravu -- Erica, in particular -- starts just standing there and watching Moto instead of doing their puzzle. All they do is watch while Moto finishes putting the pole together and raises the flag, so there is no fire for Ravu, and somebody's going home. Rocky "RAR!"s in frustration. Jeff takes the immunity idol over to Moto. To them, it's just more decorating. They also get the fishing gear, and they need to send someone to Exile Island -- someone who, of course, won't get voted off. And whom does Moto send? They send Earl, which is incredibly stupid, because Earl is a strong, well-liked player. You don't send that guy! What is the one lesson of the last couple of seasons, idiots? You don't send that guy! Earl is sent off to Exile. "Watch out for the sea snakes," says Jeff as Earl heads for the boat. "I'll eat 'em," says Earl confidently, and Jeff grins. Jeff reminds Ravu that they have to boot someone tonight, and then he sends everyone home. How depressing.

When we come back from commercials, Earl is on Exile Island, and he's not too happy to find the clue that the idol is back at camp. The new material he receives says something about the "highest point" and becoming "centered." So...maybe that big peak? It seems possible. He interviews that it was "very shocking" to hear that the idol was at camp, but he doesn't really think it makes any difference that Sylvia has the first clue from last week, because she's going home tonight anyway. Earl makes himself a fire, so he has that advantage, but as he explains, he also has the disadvantage of not being around to see what's happening. As he watches his fire, he suddenly sees something out of the corner of his eye and jumps a little. This is a sea snake, and it turns out that Earl is not so much going to eat it. What he is going to do is stalk it with his machete and chop it in half. The camera operator looks away with the camera at the point where Earl actually chops it, because they don't want you to see snake gore. When he has taken care of this, he mutters to himself, "Can't take that chance." The chance, presumably, of being killed by a sea snake and losing the million dollars. He also feels bad about the poor snake. So bad that he makes a Saving Private Ryan reference about how if you let the one live, it will come back later and be the one that kills you. Hee hee. He does add that he's sorry. "Snakes are misunderstood," he episode-titles, adding, "We have an understanding now." If only more people who date "misunderstood" individuals could -- metaphorically, of course -- wind up with the same "understanding" with their snakes.

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