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We then watch everyone sitting around, Lisi stretched out on a palm frond, as Edgardo says that doing thirty-nine days isn't that bad. "Dreamz" adds that on Day 21 or whatever, it doesn't actually seem all that bad. "Dreamz" announces in his interview that he's not even taking his bag to tribal council. He's that sure he's not going home.

Crabs wrestling. Seriously.

And then, Lisi calls a meeting with Edgardo and Alex. Guess what? She changed her mind. And they're pretty pissed off, obviously, because she keeps breaking down and then pulling it together, and there's only so much of that you can find charming. Alex and Edgardo look at each other. Edgardo's like, "What do you want me to say?" Lisi says that she's rethinking her position, and that she thinks maybe she did the wrong thing. Alex interviews that he can only despair, because Lisi changes her mind every time he turns around. Lisi interviews that the three of them have all had their ups and downs, so she's sure they understand. Lisi tells the guys that she thinks "Dreamz" will switch sides as soon as there's a merge. She tells them she can last: they should get rid of "Dreamz." Alex points out to her that ten minutes before tribal council is maybe not the best time to be bringing this up. Edgardo interviews that he doesn't know yet whether it's going to be Lisi or "Dreamz" going home. Lisi tells us that "Dreamz" should go, and that Alex and Edgardo will vote for him, meaning he's going home. She's got the game knocked! It's in the bag!

Tribal council. Jeff welcomes Ravu, and then brings in Rocky, who looks a little better cleaned up, but not that much better. Jeff says that they've lost four challenges out of five, and he wants to know what's going wrong. Lisi accuses them of "individualism," which is keeping them from becoming a cohesive unit. Jeff talks about her "emotional ride," and Lisi repeats her "rich, poor, exile" speech, which is really...once more if not twice more than its quality calls for. "I've plaaaayed this game," she says darkly, as if she didn't spend the first two weeks living in the lap of luxury. Somehow, I don't think past players who spent an entire month in the conditions she faced at Ravu think she's experienced more because she had a bed part of the time.

Asked his opinion, "Dreamz" hops right in and says that Lisi is a big quitter, and as soon as she's not winning, she wants to go home. Lisi claims to have seen "Dreamz" quit in the middle of challenges, which is...pretty mysterious, since most recently, he was, like, the only person on their tribe to do well in the target-shooting. He insists that he has never given up, ever. She insists that he has. This is not a particularly thrilling exchange, that's for sure. When it becomes clear that Lisi has no argument, she says, "I can't even do this, man." Which is true for very different reasons than the ones she means. "Dreamz" says this: "Like I said, Jeff, she wants to go home. And they call me Genie In A Bottle, because I grant wishes." Mookie grins mischievously.

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