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Jeff asks Lisi how her "will" and her "desire" are doing. Her answer is, "Wavering from minute to minute," which I'm not sure is going to get her the result she claimed she wanted right before tribal council. I'm not sure the right answer to "do you want to be here" is "eh." Jeff asks Edgardo how you trust somebody who's been saying she wants out. Edgardo basically says that the shifting fortunes have turned Lisi nutsy.

The most awesome part of tribal council is when Jeff asks "Dreamz" about his will, and "Dreamz" says that his will is forever. "If I die," he says, "recipitate [sic] me at the finish line." He insists that his spirit never flags; his ability to invent new words certainly doesn't. Jeff asks Lisi whether she wants to be here, and Lisi hesitates and says, "Can't I catch a break?" She keeps talking about how everybody has down times, but that she can't seem to bring herself to answer the question, and that's not a good sign. "I'm just being honest!" she says. And as you know, as long as someone is being honest, you can't be mad. "Dreamz" immediately points out that Lisi didn't answer: "Ask her again." "You just did," Jeff points out, and "Dreamz" looks at Lisi expectantly. "What?" she says. "Do you want to be here?" "Dreamz" repeats. When Lisi continues to equivocate, "Dreamz" insists that it's a simple question, and he poses it to all the other guys in turn, and they all say yes. "You see how simple those answers were?" he says. "They didn't give me a...shaligwa...shaquareh... " "'Soliloquy?" Jeff asks with a smile? "Yeah," "Dreamz" says. Okay, that was a great callback. Lisi says that apparently, she's "at fault for being honest." She's just keeping it real!

Jeff asks Lisi if she has any final advice. "Give me a chance," she says. "Edguardo [sic] and Alex know me." She goes on to ask them to "let [her] see what happens," whatever that means. Like, "Hey, I might decide I don't want to quit. Isn't that reason enough for me to stay?"

Time for voting. Mookie votes. "Dreamz" votes for Lisi, saying that he's been "waiting to do this for a long time." Edgardo votes. Lisi votes for "Dreamz": "You're a grown man. Consider a name change." You know, if she didn't suck, that would be a little funny, but she does. Alex votes. Jeff goes off to "tally." Hey, a guy needs some rocks to count to five. When he returns, he says that anyone can play the idol, but that does not occur. Time to read votes! Lisi. "Dreamz." Lisi. And...Lisi. That will do it. She brings over her torch. Snuff! I will not miss her. She leaves. Jeff says that "you have to want to win in order to make it to the end." He then sends them all home with that little pearl of wisdom to think about.

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