So You Think You Can Meke?

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Finally, the guys go back to camp to fill in the giant hole they dug, which strikes me as incredibly stupid, because there is no reason for them to have gone off to discuss how to use the idol before putting back the dirt, if they really feel this strongly about keeping it a secret. As Mookie is scratching in the dirt in the closing stages of covering the hole, Lisi wakes up and sees him. She watches him for a bit, thinking she's terribly clever. "Little idol digging?" she asks, all, "Busted!" "Yeah," Mookie answers. In what just might be the funniest interview in the show's history, Lisi tells us that she suspects that Alex told Mookie where the idol was. And how does she know? Because she caught stupid Mookie stupidly looking for it, and he stupidly couldn't even deny it. She goes on: "I'm like, 'Dude, you're going to have to wake up really, really early to fool an old cat like me. What's wrong with you?'" As if this isn't great enough, what with the fact that they actually got up early to fool her and it could only be better if she were literally a cat, we now return to camp, where Lisi is digging for the idol. Yes, she's...digging. They didn't really think they were going to put one over on her, did they? They didn't think she wouldn't know what was going on, did they? Mookie comes upon her and, I think, takes a little bit of pity on her, telling her that he already dug where she's digging. Rather brilliantly, when she doesn't heed, Mookie jumps in and helps her dig. Yes, he helps her dig. Right there, where he already found the idol. You have to admit, it's got some panache, that move, even given my generally fair-to-middling regard for Mookie. In an interview, he calls this "the funny part." Agreed.

Moto, Day 20. Boo and Michelle are...I think they're going to receive treemail, but they encounter several folks in what I suppose are traditional Fijian garb, drumming. The locals, as it were, hand over a piece of treemail. It turns out that these folks are returning to camp with them, too, which makes Michelle very happy. I don't know. I think I would have asked if I was expected to feed them lunch before I got too happy. Boo reads to the tribe a message saying that today, they'll be learning a meke (pronounced "meh-kay" according to Jeff later, and "mee-kee" according to Boo now), which is a dance. The dancers who have come along will provide two hours of instruction. And then, Michelle finishes reading, the tribes will have a dance-off in front of three judges. The winners get a feast in the village where the competition will be held. In an interview, Stacy repeats what just happened, which is sort of her only air time all week. Moto has to sit out one person, and Yau Man immediately tells them that he should be out. He tells us in an interview that the's the most rhythm-free person of all time. "I can't keep the beat if my life depends on it," he says emphatically. But he can keep the turtle.

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