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Ravu, Day 21. Mookie, "Dreamz," and Alex are chatting. "Dreamz" is saying that he anticipates a merge, and he tells them right out that he knows Cassandra will be with him no matter what. Edgardo interviews that this makes him wary about "Dreamz," who might flip over to the other side as a result of his close ties to Cassandra -- in other words, rather than bring her over as he's implying, he might go over to her side, if she's now more with the current Moto. Alex and Edgardo go to fetch basket-mail, and in the basket, they find an arrow. The clue makes it pretty clear that the challenge will be...what you would suspect. From the arrow. Don't make me insult your intelligence. Alex interviews that they need to win this immunity challenge, because they don't want to go into the merge down 4-6. Alex, who has already shown himself in the past to be the resident math whiz, has noticed that being down four to six would probably not work well. Back at camp, the guys chat about archery, in which Mookie claims to have some experience. Edgardo says that while he's usually hesitant to proclaim his own abilities too much, he's pretty sure he's good with the bow and arrow. In this continuation of Hubris Week on Survivor, you'd think that would be the wrong way to go.

Jeff calls in the teams. He welcomes Lisi back from Exile Island. She runs in and high-fives her tribe, the members of which don't like her. Jeff takes back immunity from Cassandra, who playfully hesitates to give it up, and then he explains the challenge. There are three target-shooting challenges. First, blowdarts. Each person gets one shot, and whoever gets closest to the bull's-eye will get one point for the team. Second round: spears. Closest shot gets two points. Third round: bow and arrow. Closest shot gets three points. Losers go to tribal council, in case you hadn't figured that out. Cassandra is sitting this challenge out.

Lisi takes a shot. She at least hits the target. Stacy hits closer. Mookie slightly beats out Stacy. Michelle's dart bounces off the target, which is a little funny. She's just not made to pierce things. "Dreamz" is even a little closer than Mookie was. And then Yau Man steps up! He hits even closer to the bull's-eye than "Dreamz," so he's in the lead. His joy is short-lived, however, as Alex takes over the lead for Ravu, hitting the edge of the bull's-eye itself. But then! A nother reversal! Boo manages to hit inside the bull's-eye, so Moto has the lead. Edgardo has the final shot for Ravu. Unless he beats Boo, Earl won't even have to take a shot. Edgardo's shot is pretty good, but not good enough. Moto takes the first point.

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