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Spears! Past challenges on this show and other shows have demonstrated that throwing a spear is surprisingly difficult, let alone throwing a spear at a particular spot. Lisi hurls her spear in the general direction of the target, and it lands sideways and nowhere near anything. Basically, she might as well have been throwing a potato. Stacy's throw is similar. Mookie kind of gets his spear to go the right way, but he still misses the target entirely. Michelle's shot is way short. "Dreamz" manages to be the first one to get his spear to stick in the target, albeit at the very, very edge. Boo is nowhere close. Edgardo misses by a mile. Yau Man walks over and gets a spear. He is the first to take several steps back from the starting line so that he can run up and throw. And his shot isn't very straight, and it kind of dangles from the target, but it's still the best shot so far in terms of placement, and it's really pretty damn close to the target. I do think he got very, very lucky with that one. It's all up to Alex now, as Yau Man proudly shows off his biceps. Hee hee. Alex steps up. He copies Yau Man's running strategy. But Alex is no Yau Man, and he misses by a mile, and Moto wins again without Earl's even competing. Three to nothing, just the way I like it.

And now...bow and arrow. Moto needs this just to force a tiebreaker. Lisi doesn't touch the target. Neither does Stacy. Neither does Mookie. Michelle hits the very edge. "Dreamz" hits closer than Michelle, but not by much. It is here that you'll notice that they are inserting a special effect of a little glow that appears when people get a shot to land, just so you can see where the shot landed. I think they got that from coverage of NHL hockey. Do they still do that, where the puck has a little trail after it? I thought that was a great idea, but I haven't watched hockey in a while. Anyway, Boo misses completely. Alex misses completely. And then, Yau Man walks over to the collection of arrows. He picks over the selection thoughtfully. "Yau Man, what are you possibly looking for?" Jeff asks with amused befuddlement. "The straightest possible arrow," Yau Man answers quite sensibly. Yau Man loads up the bow. He drops to a kneel. He shoots and...boom! Way better than anybody else so far. Not as close as his spear shot was, but still. The only person who has a chance for Moto is Edgardo, who has told us that he knows archery pretty well. So he would seem to be a pretty good bet. Edgardo knows archery! And how does Edgardo do? Well, Edgardo does...he does...not very well! Like, not very well at all. He misses by a mile, and Moto wins immunity again. Ravu is pretty much getting its ass kicked up and down by Yau Man right now, so I hope they're enjoying having their own stereotypes force-fed right back to them.

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