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We return to Ravu on Day 21, where everyone looks mighty dejected. They all grumble about losing again, and sucking again, and going to tribal council again. "Dreamz" can't understand how they did quite so poorly. Mookie actually feels driven to behave apologetically. And then we go to a brilliant interview in which Lisi declares herself "done with the losers." She even holds up the "L" fingers and declares each of them a "li-hoo-hoo-ser." She goes on to explain that the men in her tribe "know that they suck. And when you know you suck, you suck." She finishes with a declaration that Ravu is "a sinking ship."

In related news, a hermit crab thinks that his shell is a sinking ship, so he leaves it behind and walks off without it. Nice shot. Lisi is taking a walk with Alex, and she's explaining to him that there's no excuse for today's loss. She thinks they're not going to win the reward challenge next time, and that means another trip to Exile Island for her. She says she's not in it to "buy real estate" there, and then she ant-hammers. Her point comes out in a roundabout way, kind of, but what she's trying to say is that she's ready to be voted out. Seriously, this is what she tells him. Alex shakes his head, but Lisi declares herself "done, man." Alex interviews that, apparently, Lisi is all done and has had "the experience she wants to have," and that she appreciates the way he and Edgardo "kept her safe." She has informed him that she wants to be voted off. Back in his chat with her, she says, "I've been rich, I've been poor, I've been in exile...what more have I got to do?" Please note that "win money" would be here if she thought she had any chance of winning. Of course, as they hug, Alex voices over that this made him mad, because he could really have used Lisi's vote down the line. Poor Alex! He says he doesn't judge people. Isn't that nice of him? The best part is when Lisi tells Alex that she knows they wouldn't be voting her off if she weren't asking. Which...really? I am not sure. Maybe not quite yet. Lisi interviews that "you have to know when it's time to go," and that she's satisfied with how far she got. She doesn't see the need to push herself: "I'm done like a Thanksgiving Day turkey, man." And just as likely to come back to life, I'd say.

Hermit crab.

The boys have a little meeting over some fruit, and Alex breaks the news that Lisi wants to go. "Dreamz" makes it clear that this is not a problem for him at all. He interviews that this was, like, fine with him in all ways, because Lisi sucks and he doesn't like her anyway. What could be better? In fact, he calls it a "dream come true." He says he might not even pay attention at tribal council -- he'll be so happy that he'll just stand up and start the voting.

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