Something Cruel Is About To Happen…Real Soon

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The One Where One Tribe Has A Toilet

Speaking of which, we now watch Sylvia getting off her little boat at Exile Island, reminding us of the warning she received about sea snakes. Indeed, there do seem to be quite a few of those around. She says she thought maybe there weren't really that many sea snakes, but they look to be kind of everywhere, although editing can be very deceiving in this way. Slowly, Sylvia makes her way up a hill, and then up to a tower, where she's supposedly going to find a clue to the location of the hidden idol. When she finally opens the wooden box containing the clue, however, it says, "Here you won't find the idol you crave. Search back at your camp if you hope to be saved." So now, there isn't even a search on the island to watch. It's pretty much going to be snakes and interpretive clue-reading every single week. That should be scintillating. You know how I love the poetry. Sylvia's like, "Whatever," and takes the clue. She spends about ten seconds describing what we just watched, which seems more than a little pointless, and then she takes a moment to stare out at Fiji and note in her mind that it's pretty, and that she should think about something besides the snakes. She interviews that finding an opportunity to search at camp on her own won't be easy. There is a snake crawling around her tower, but either Sylvia doesn't see it or it isn't there at the same time she is. I have to say, I would be pretty uncomfortable on an island with deadly snakes that can scale towers.

Ravu. Nobody's very chipper as they pull their boat up on the beach. Earl tells us that all their work up to this point was basically lost -- not just the shelter-building, but learning the lay of the land and so forth. They're really back at square one, which is true. They do find a cave here, too, and Rocky insistently hollers, "Awesome. This is awesome!" I think he's sort of trying to make it awesome by force of will, the way you do with a bad relationship. They all decide to look on the bright side, except for Erica, who interviews that she was pissed off about not going home: "I'm pissed off and I can't believe nobody else is." She's kind of missing the point, to say the least. Again: no complaining when other people are equally bad off, right? As Rita interviews, they really need to figure out what they're supposed to do next, not to mention how they're going to vote.

Rocky and Erica have a whispery conversation in which he says that they need to figure out what they're doing about the vote. In a truly great moment, he says very seriously, "Smell me, or what?" I sort of can't believe he actually said that as a real element of sneakiness. Erica confirms that she does indeed smell him, and he patronizes, "Don't get sad." She explains that she's not sad, she's thinking. Rocky: "Me, you, and Jess, we'll figure it out, yeah?" He just wants to know if you smell him, Erica! Do you? DO YOU? DO YOU SMELL HIM? Erica explains in an interview that she, Jessica, and Rocky are "really tight," so they should probably have no trouble running over everybody else, since they do have an alliance of three in a group of nine, and one of their three was one of the main challenge-droppers. [Crickets.] "We can swing the whole thing," she says. She so smells Rocky.

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