Something Cruel Is About To Happen…Real Soon

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The One Where One Tribe Has A Toilet

Rocky has a chat with Earl and Jessica, in which he says that, "obviously, it has to be a girl." In one sense, I guess I know what he's saying, since bulk matters, and a lot of their women are small, and they're getting Sylvia next, so it kind of makes sense to get rid of someone Sylvia can fill in for, if you see my point. On the other hand, he immediately announces that it can't be Erica or Jessica, so that just leaves Michelle and Rita. "It has to be a girl, but not either of the ones I like" is kind of leaving other people a pretty narrow opportunity to contribute to the discussion. After the boys agree that Michelle (whom they call "Monkey") is too athletic to boot, that leaves just Rita. Earl seems to be going along with the plan at this point. They seem to have a deal as of the time this discussion breaks up. Rocky and Jessica take a walk, and he keeps insisting that he doesn't like getting rid of anyone, but of's a game. As we know. Jessica tells us that she feels so safe, because she knows it's not her, and she knows it could have been her. Because of the puzzle. Darn fool puzzle.

Mookie, Erica, Michelle, and Earl have a talk, in which Mookie tells Erica that he and Michelle, I guess, are thinking of Jessica for the boot. Earl tries to put in for the people he was talking to before, claiming that while Jessica looked weak at the challenge, her puzzle might have been harder. Mookie (paraphrased): "Not."

Elsewhere, Rocky and Jessica are taking a walk, and he asks her for a promise that if he's ever in danger of being voted out, she'll tell him so that he knows. She promises -- because the two of them and Erica are going to swing this whole thing! "You have to, babe, 'cause I'll tell you," says Rocky. He'd never lie to Jessica. He loves the ladies!

Rita talks to Yau Man about the fact that Jessica seems like the right boot. Rather absurdly, Rita says that people think Jessica is "flying under the radar." Um. It is Day 3. You have been a tribe for one day. Who the fuck is flying under the radar on Day 3, to a point where you can detect it? Yeesh. Rita expresses sadness about getting rid of Jessica, and Yau Man says that, from his perspective, they need all those strong young guys. And, of course, he doesn't want votes to go to him.

The debate continues between Earl and Mookie, and Mookie insists that Rita is stronger than Jessica. Anthony has now joined, and is listening. Erica is kind of half-heartedly trying to save Jessica, but wisely, she's not going to go out on a limb for her alliance at this point. Erica interviews that the group decided to boot Jessica, but says that she herself will not be voting for Jessica. Erica then approaches Rocky with the news that Jessica has a problem. Rocky refuses to believe it at first. Challenged to explain where she heard this, Erica basically says that she heard it from everywhere. There's basically consensus, other than Rocky, Erica, and Jessica herself. Rocky looks unhappy, because now he feels un-smelled, and he insists that he won't vote for Jessica. And then, of course, he gets up and goes and tells Jessica that she's on the block, just like he said he would. Oh, wait -- no, he totally doesn't do that.

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