Something Cruel Is About To Happen…Real Soon

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The One Where One Tribe Has A Toilet

We wind up, after a long and kind of boring sequence -- it's hard to know what Sylvia should be doing strategically, so what she actually does isn't that fascinating -- we wind up with two tribes. Rita, Michelle, Erica, Jessica, Rocky, Earl, Yau Man (whom Sylvia calls "Wow Man"), Anthony, and Mookie are on one team, while Cassandra, Liliana, Stacy, Lisi, "Dreamz," Boo, Gary, Alex (whom Sylvia calls "the sexy guy in the green tank top," which clearly embarrasses him), and Edgardo are on the other. Oh, and we learn that they already call Gary "Papa Smurf." Oh, dear. People from the Midwest get no respect. In other news, the green team is Moto, and the orange team is Ravu. At least they'll be able to spell those on the flags, probably. Buffs are handed around, and then Sylvia gets the bad news: she's not on a tribe at this point, so she's going to Exile Island. But when she gets back, she'll join whichever tribe loses someone at this challenge. The up side is that she'll get a clue about a hidden immunity idol; the other up side is that she doesn't have to go to tribal council. The down side: sea snakes. Lots and lots of sea snakes, Probst promises. There's another down side, too, but we'll get to that. The rest of the folks give Sylvia a lot of "stay strong" talk, even though they don't mean it and kind of hope the snakes eat her. She leaves for Exile Island.

When Sylvia has gone, Jeff explains that this challenge will involve racing in wheeled chariots. Two people on each team will ride, and seven will pull. Along the way, the riders will have to stop and untie three dangling bags of puzzle pieces. At the end, you grab the flag and come back, and then four people put together the puzzle pieces into three puzzles that spell out three numbers that they use to solve a sort of combination lock wheel thing, and if you get it right, then you will pull out a knife tied up in a cloth. Use the knife to chop a rope, and that will raise your tribe flag, and you'll be done. So, chariot race, knot-untying, and puzzle-solving. Got it? Good. Jeff explains that the challenge is, of course, for immunity. But as it turns out, it's also for reward, because the tribe that loses will not be living in the resort they've constructed with the kitchen and toilet. The losing tribe will be living on a have-nothing beach with just a machete and a pot. Old-school, you dig? Jeff does not make clear whether this is a permanent arrangement, or whether it will change week to week, but nobody wants to give up the luxuries they've been enjoying. They're even getting a couch added to the comfy camp. So now it's the Couch Camp.

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