Something Cruel Is About To Happen…Real Soon

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The One Where One Tribe Has A Toilet

For Ravu, Michelle and Jessica are riding the chariot. For Moto, it's Lisi and Stacy. And...not to be unkind, but as someone pointed out on the forums, I'm not sure why they put Lisi on the chariot. She's not heavy, but she's not their littlest, I don't think. Survivors ready...go! Stacy winds up pulling down the first puzzle pieces for her team. For the rest of the chariot race until the turn, Moto (green team) is out in front. I find the entire image of human beings pulling a chariot kind of creepy in some way I can't put my finger on, but at least they're generally in it together. The course is a quarter-mile long, too, so this isn't just up one little jog and back -- it's a decent amount of time to drag two people on a chariot, and it makes people tired. The teams grab their flags and turn around. On the way back, a stumble of unknown origin causes Moto to stop abruptly, allowing Ravu to pass them. Moto is suddenly out of energy, so they're behind by the time they get back to the puzzle. Puzzle-solving begins. The Ravu solvers seem completely overwhelmed by the task, and seem to panic more and more as they feel their initial advantage over Moto evaporating. Jessica keeps whimpering about how they're doing, which is when I would have just shoved her out of the way, because she's going to be no help at this point. Ultimately, Moto gets its puzzles solved first, so they're on to the combination. The knife is right where they expect it to be, and Moto manages to chop the rope and raise the flag. Moto wins immunity, and Moto will stay at Couch Camp. Moto is all smiles -- fire, gifts, hammocks, and so forth. Ravu is sent off to a different beach, where they will have nothing, and where they'll have to decide whom to vote off at tribal council later. Not a good day to be a Ravuan. Voting yes; toilet no.

When we return from commercials, we are at Moto on Day 3, making the rare visit post-challenge with the team that actually won. Of course, in this case, we have to see Couch Camp, and specifically the Couch. Alex interviews that the first win is an enormous thing for them, in terms of morale. They sit around and lounge, and they pop open a trunk full of dishes, glasses, silver, hammocks...pretty much everything a weenie needs to camp out in the wilderness. "Dreamz" continues bugging the shit out of everyone by talking about how they're living all "fancy" and so forth. Lisi says that it was great to get immunity, return to the camp they loved, and have such a good tribe. Except for "Dreamz." She didn't say that, but I'm saying it. Lisi goes on to note that it's ironic (and it kind of is!) that Sylvia was the big builder, and that she's stuck out with the snakes. It does kind of seem like Sylvia got a raw deal, because she was going to the non-Couch-Camp tribe, no matter who won. That's kind of...a harsh punishment for leading the tribe on building the shelter. Sylvia had no chance at Couch Camp at all.

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