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Big Tom relaxes next to his fishing pole. He explains that he never did catch anything, meaning that Rupert has caught more fish in a day using a stick than Tom did on a luxury yacht with fishing poles. He also interviews from his fishing position that Kathy is falling into the Chapera "trap," because the women are working her over as we speak. Merry music takes us out as we watch the women of Chapera bond with Kathy.

Mogo Mogo. Ethan interviews that he doesn't feel secure in his position at all. He refers to himself as "a jumbled puzzle," which seems a little bit overly cute and quasi-poetic to me, but whatever. It's better than calling yourself a goober set adrift in a sea of your own ineptitude. He says he feels that there might be a way out, and then we see him relaxing inside the shelter with Colby, saying that he thinks they need to go after Jerri. Colby is all over this idea. "I already have my speech prepared for writing her name down," he says. They laugh, because smugness is funny. Ethan interviews that he's been pushing to get Jerri out since the beginning, and because she's "getting on [their] nerves," it was easy to get others to go along. Colby grins inside the shelter that he's going to tell Jerri she's going, just to apparently rub in the fact that "she can't do anything about it." Nice. "We gotta talk to Lex," Colby says. "I don't think there's any question with him." And then Colby gives perhaps the most karma-tempting, snotty speech of the season thus far: "I think our decision was made when Jerri Manthey came on board. I mean, that's the one we want to get rid of. That's just the effect she has on people." He scratches his ear in his interview and says with smug (wait for it) self-satisfaction, "I don't know that this game is a game that's meant for Jerri Manthey to play." And he snort-laughs and flashes his teeth. They're nice teeth, but he's being a total gratuitous asshole at this particular moment, and that's not necessary. And even your teeth cannot save you when you go too far in that direction.

Colby asks Lex if he's cool with booting Jerri. Lex says, "Yeah." He interviews, however, that the game will punish you for being unwilling to take risks. He says that he had made a conscious choice to change his strategy from Africa, and to be much more willing to make tough calls and screw his friends as necessary, pretty much. And good for him. He asks Jerri to go for a walk, interviewing that he discovered that he was "at the doorway of an opportunity." He and Jerri have a chat, and he tells her about Colby and Ethan's plan to get rid of her. She is not shocked. He tells her that Colby and Ethan think that he and Shii Ann are with them. "But that's not going to happen," he tells her. "We're gonna do Colby tonight," he says. (Hee hee, "do Colby." That is your Moment of Being Twelve for the evening.) Obviously, Jerri is happy about this for any number of reasons, ranging from the saving of her own ass to the roasting of a guy who's obviously pretty determined to look down his nose at her, no matter what she does. Lex doesn't really need to explain the decision to get Jerri on board, but he does anyway, saying that he thinks they're "just on the eve of a merge," and that once they get there, Colby the Immunity Monster simply cannot be allowed to remain. Jerri needs no convincing. Lex says that this is going to come as quite a surprise to Colby. Jerri knows. Lex and Jerri share a hug.

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