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Jeff asks Shii Ann whom the tribe could probably afford to lose the most, physically speaking. Because the answer is "me," Shii Ann goes with the next best answer, which is "me or Jerri." She then turns to Jerri. "I'm sorry, Jerri, to speak for you." "Yeah, please don't," Jerri says with a tight smile. I'm not sure whether Jerri could really argue that there's anybody else besides the two of them who would compete for this crown -- well, maybe Kathy, if she counts -- but I do think Jerri is probably thinking what I was, which is that Jerri works her ass off in challenges and Shii Ann does nothing. Jeff asks Jerri whether it's true that she's a weak link, and Jerri says that she can assemble puzzles, and that she's "good at strategizing." She says she thinks she's generally good and positive around camp, and Colby and Ethan are sending each other all these really snotty facial expressions that make me want to punch them both in the gut. Jeff asks Shii Ann whom the tribe needs the most, physically speaking, and she picks Colby. Jeff asks Colby whether that makes him feel secure, and Colby does the whole faux-insecure thing about how it makes him feel like he might be a target or whatever, but you can tell he doesn't legitimately feel threatened at this point. Jeff asks Lex if whoever gets voted off will be surprised, and Lex very intelligently answers that the only person who shouldn't be nervous on Mogo Mogo is Kathy. Heh. Ethan votes for Jerri, smiling into the camera and talking about how she is "two-faced." Lex votes for Colby, pointing out that the game "has absolutely nothing to do with friendship." Colby votes for Jerri, and for all his speech promises, he says nothing. He just grins the most shit-eating grin you've ever seen in your life, drops her name in the urn, and heads back. That's how confident he is. He doesn't have to say anything -- kicking her ass says it all. Oh, Colby. Jerri votes for Colby. "Is this a revenge vote?" she asks. "Hell, yeah." Shii Ann votes, saying, "You have underestimated my powers. Perhaps you should spend some time analyzing your own." Wow. "You have underestimated my powers"? Didn't she just get swept hither and yon by one guy as opposed to another guy? It's not like Shii Ann made up the plan to get rid of Colby. She has no powers. Jeff goes off to tally.

When he returns, the first vote is for Colby. Ruh-roh. That doesn't please Colby at all, and the second vote for him pleases him even less. Third vote goes to Jerri. Fourth vote goes to Jerri. And the seventh person to be voted out is...Colby. Heh. He gets up and goes to have his torch snuffed by Jeff,, I'm not even touching that joke. Suffice it to say that the tribe has spoken. When he's gone, Jeff gives everybody else the non-news that apparently, at least some have taken the approach of voting out the most threatening person. Of course, Ethan looks more unhappy than anyone, because he has just screwed himself something fierce.

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