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The Champagne And The Challenge Spaz

As the Kathy-enriched Chapera boards the yacht, Kathy complains in an interview (of course) that she "didn't want to go," because it looks so bad. She further describes herself as "really crushed that [Mogo Mogo] lost." And it's not like she says, "I felt stupid for losing my shit over the challenge," she just says kind of thoughtfully that she was "really crushed." I'm really offended at the way she's bringing me into her core of losing. She does say that getting to go to the yacht was awesome, despite how crushed she was. We see everyone sitting around a table, eating little munchies and talking about how great it is to have food. The anchor comes up, and the boat heads out, as Chapera toasts to "teamwork" as well as "three more days" for everyone. There is even a little bit of dancing, all of which is atrociously bad.

Tom now talks in an interview about the boat, which he says reminded of "the fanciest house trailer you ever seen...floatin'." Boy, that's an evocative description. "It was the only one I've ever been on, but I know I couldn't have picked a nicer one." Yeah. Thanks, Big Tom. It's always illuminating hanging out with you.

Inside the yacht is a sort of dining room, and we are shown the spread of food, which includes burgers and dogs with fixings, rolls, pickles, potato's your basic big, hefty picnic. The tribe members come in and approach the food a little cautiously, almost as if they're afraid of it. They dig in, as Amber interviews that she didn't even bother with a plate. She just started grabbing stuff. In a Rupert interview, he describes the food some more, and I really would have appreciated less detail about precisely what was served. They really could just have said, "You know, it was like a cookout," because that's what it is. You don't really have to mention the lettuce individually. I'm a smart girl; I'm willing to extrapolate that there was lettuce. As they all pig out, Jenna and Amber actually have a fairly funny conversation in which Jenna points out that usually, all you'd have to worry about as far as eating is whether you have a piece of rice on your lip. Or, in the alternative, you're asking people, "Do I have snail in my teeth?" Hee hee. She even makes a funny "look at my teeth" face.

Kathy interviews that Chapera made her feel "totally welcome." Aww. More than you deserved, sweetheart. She marvels at how they welcomed her like she was one of them. Did she expect any different? She says that if there's a merge, there will be all kinds of tension with her "swinging" between the two tribes. As she congratulates herself on how sneaky she is and how carefully she will time her behavior, we see Rob continue playing her like a fiddle by singing a big dumb song with Tom in which they talk about how much they dig Kathy. Their silly singing takes you out of the scene.

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