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Ethan interviews that he knows Shii Ann is "fed up" with Jerri and "can't wait to vote her off." Colby, in turn, interviews that "there's no difference between Jerri and Shii Ann." Well, except that Jerri works her ass off in every single challenge and Shii Ann is nothing but dead weight every single time, I suppose. And the fact that Shii Ann is picking fights while Jerri seems to be making a genuine effort to stay out of them. "Shii Ann annoys me as much if not more than Jerri does," he says, and you know how much more of a bitch Shii Ann is being for him to admit that, considering the obvious bad blood that continues between him and Jerri. He says that if it came down to "personal irritation," he'd have "a tough time deciding" between the two of them.

On the Chapera yacht, the guy comes out to take drink orders, and Kathy does the only worthwhile thing I've seen from her in about three episodes when she orders a margarita. At least she has good judgment about one thing. Shortly thereafter, a guy emerges from the cabin with golf clubs and a bucket of balls that are "environmentally friendly" and can be hit off the back of the boat into the water. Rob explains that he was "on the state championship golf team at [his] high school." He then lines up a shot on a little tee-less piece of turf they've set up. He winds up. He swings. It looks like good form at first, but although he does connect with the ball, his feet then slide across the turf, fly out from under him, and land him directly on his ass. It is an epic wipeout, people. Tom then decides to try, but he's not doing so well, either. He can barely stay up on the little turf platform. There are a lot of very bad golf swings that follow. Jenna can't connect with the ball at all, which I have to say is precisely what would happen to me. Ultimately, Rob winds up for a particularly gargantuan swing, and the club flies right out of his hands and into the ocean. Oops. He laughs and looks embarrassed. As he should. It's a sort of a nice smile he's got, even though he would use it to steal your last dollar, and I sure wish he didn't stink it up with the sleazestache.

The anchor comes up, and we're off again. Rupert is up at the bow all Titanic and everything, although he already thinks he's king of the world, so I don't know what he expects to learn up there. Big Tom takes a shot at fishing off the side of the boat, saying that he just wants to catch one so he can beat Rupert on this one day. The women sit around together, with Amber talking to Kathy about the fact that Mogo Mogo is probably getting ready to leave for tribal council. Alicia sums Kathy up fairly simply, just saying that she's "tough" and "wants to get as far in this game as she can." Alicia says that Kathy may be "the perfect person to try to pull over." Alicia also explains that Kathy was fairly forthcoming with information about who was voting with whom on Mogo Mogo, and we see Kathy explain that she votes with Lex and Shii Ann votes with them. Alicia says, however, that she doesn't know that everything Kathy is telling them is entirely true, nor would she expect it would be. See? I love that kind of unemotional, unsentimental approach. Alicia just doesn't take scheming and maneuvering personally, it appears. And that, unlike the behavior of a lot of self-appointed Game Masters, is game play. However, Alicia also understands that Kathy may be telling the truth, because she's looking forward and seeing her tribe down by a member and anticipating the need to "save her ass."

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