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Romance Is in the Heir

It's sunny out, and we see a lizard tongue, followed by a lizard mouth, followed by a lizard eye. Rob walks through the jungle, telling us that he's an "alliance of one." He further Vin Diesels that he's "a lone wolf in this game. A mercenary, if you will." He claims that he's just picked up the "bottom feeders," and they go along with him because he "sell[s] them the dream." He admits that he's told lies in the game, but claims that even though the others all know that, they still believe and trust in him, leading him to ask, "Were these guys payin' attention the first thirty-two days?" Hee.

Butch joins Rob, as does the snake, who incidentally has had more face time than Butch in this episode so far. Butch claims that Rob just "stood there and took some of it 'cause they were hot and they're mad at you and they're cursin' you and doin' all that kinda...." His voice trails off because he's said more than fifteen consecutive syllables and that violates his contract with CBS. Butch concludes that it's "too bad," and that the women can go ahead and write Rob's name down, just as the men are going to go ahead and write down one of theirs. They then do some bizarre behind-Butch's-back fist bop, which Rob explains as Butch not having a free hand, even though he looks to me like he has two free hands.

It's Matthew's turn to corner Rob about Jenna's allegations. He worries that it sounds like Jenna and Rob "are cookin' something against" Matthew. He pauses before asking, "What the fuck are they talkin' about?" Rob insists that the women are desperate at this point and will try anything to swing Christy to their side. Matthew confirms that there haven't been any changes to the plan nor any potentially worrisome conversations before concluding, "Christy's obviously still with us. Beautiful."

The snake goes for a swim as HeiDDi and Christy converse. Christy insists that Matt and Butch have been good to her, which HeiDDi counters by asking how badly Christy wants to win. HeiDDi claims that she's been good to Christy too, and concludes, "So it's not like you're goin' with a snake, either." We then cut to the aforementioned snake slithering around. HeiDDi claims that if Christy doesn't join the women, she'll be voted out third, but if she goes with them, she has a good chance of finishing first or second. HeiDDi insists that she doesn't believe anyone and can't "grasp that concept." She also can't get a word in, as HeiDDi changes tactics, trying to empathize with Christy: "Who the hell can I trust in this game?" HeiDDi insists, "I'm putting all my trust in you!" Christy doesn't trust Jenna, though, and doesn't think she'll ever be able to. In an interview, Christy boasts that HeiDDi are Jenna are kissing her butt now, but that it's because they want something from her without doing anything in return. She tells HeiDDi it's a big decision, and HeiDDi agrees. In her interview, Christy makes fun of them approaching her again, and then does a little "I have the power" dance.

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